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  1. JR wasn't saying that Eric is a guy of Stevens caliber. He was saying that like Stevens, Eric is probably our most experienced defenseman. Before the playoffs started we didn't know what was going to happen in terms of defense. Luckily, Kim Johnsson stepped up and filled the hole left by Eric. Danny Markov helped as well. You remember Danny, the guy who scored on Saturday to win the game? Yes, I learned all I need to know about Devil fans in Game 4. There isn't that many to begin with, but when it gets the least bit rough, they are out the door before the final horn blows. That's all I need to know. Is there a message board you don't visit? You have way to much time on your hands. There is a world of things to do away from the computer.
  2. See ya!
  3. LOL.. you're a Devs fan?
  4. Not the Flyers. Anybody but the Flyers. (Exception to the rule: Rangers)
  5. This is depressing.
  6. Seasons over
  7. I can't bear to watch in OT! Please do this now Devils.
  8. Hey was that Brodeur making that save?
  9. How could I forget? Can we please get the next goal?
  10. NIEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Have you seen any of the other lines actually do something? Miss chances and shoot wide.
  12. Pang and Levy are killing me. Bad enough we can't score and those 2 add on to my anger.
  13. Great...Philly PP