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  1. Devs in 7

    We have to makes us fans. Anyone who throws in the hat before the buzzer sounds and they are eliminated shouldnt own a jersey let alone wear it. Do you guys think the devils will just call up saturday morning "Nah, we know we're finished, we just are gonna stay home today". NO. NO THEY WONT. And neither should we. Have some heart, cheer for your team and hold your head high. We played an excellent game last night, our luck just didnt hold. Lets see what happens saturday before we put this one in the bag. We very well can win, theres even a damn good chance of wait till then and come back all positive
  2. Going to Game 4, anyone else gonna be there?

    Sorry I didnt make it over to gate A, had enough trouble trying to find a buddy sitting two sections over AND still get through beer line before punk was dropped. That game sucked, too many philly fans all around me. Obnoxious little pricks most of em too. Ug.
  3. Going to Game 4, anyone else gonna be there?

    So its both intermissions, thats just easier hehe. Im in section 216, putting me at gate C, so Im not sure how quick Ill be able to walk over to A...but Ill try like hell. Have to make sure I get my prerequiste beer, thats gotta take priority heh.
  4. Game 4 score predictions

    We're looking at a nice 3-1 devils win here tonight with an empty netter (wont get robbed this time by idiots refs). Elias, Hrdina, and Gionta get the goals..Im way to sleepy to predict assists heh. As for the flyers, Gagne is gonna I hate that guy heh.
  5. What does scoring the first goal mean?

    Indeed, once we gained the lead our defense definately picked up a step and no longer was I sitting in agony praying we could just get the d*mn puck out of the zone. They were crisp, they were breaking nice, and they were just plain throwing themselves at the puck to clear when they had to. You could see it in each and every players game out there the confidence had returned. If we score first we will not lose another game this series. Take that to the bank.
  6. Colin White

    There was definately reason to complain on both sides of the officiating...but if you ask me we got a couple more of the questionable calls then they did. Two of them were just flat invisible, no clue what the refs saw out there.
  7. Things that worry me for Game 4

    Not sure why, but I have a real big feeling at the end of this series, when the devils advance...the hero looking back will be Hrdina. Im seeing him have a HUGE game on sunday, wrapping up the win for us. Just my gut checking in.
  8. A pot pourri of observations...

    I kept hearing the DUI chant get started up heh. My girlfriend was all confused, when I finally explained it to her, her exact comment was "Ouch, thats pretty damn harsh...then again, who drives a porche drunk? Thats called natural selection" hehe. Love that girl.
  9. Going to Game 4, anyone else gonna be there?

    Ill have my red white and green christmas jersey on, ole number 9 Kirk Muller with the captains "C". Been my good luck jersey all year, have to wear it each playoff game. (Gonna look wierd on the cruise ship watching the game with that jersey, shorts and flipflops on saturday and sunday heh).
  10. Going to Game 4, anyone else gonna be there?

    Always ready to tip back a beer with a fellow fan...Ill be in 216 row 21 seats 3 and 4 again with my girl. Going to be oh so sweet to tie this series up. Wheres everyone hanging out?
  11. A pot pourri of observations...

    The spikey head thing looked retarded if you ask me. But to add insult to injury the guys jersey said something like "" or some garbage on back. Come on, advertising yourself at a hockey game?? As for general respect...not where I was sitting. Up in the top on section 216 people were getting pretty brutal hehe, I loved it. I cant say I liked seeing the full beer bottle being thrown down 17 rows at the pair of flyer fans leaving early, but they did kind of deserve it as the one jerk had his pants just about down for the 'ole moon. After that some silly old lady in a flyers hat went whiney to the bouncers...and they promptly escorted her out...for her own good heh. All in all without the presence of so much CAA muscle I had a bad feeling approaching the end there, those poor fools heh.
  12. Pictures

    I tried searching around, but I cant find any pictrues of Brett or Arlette singing the national anthem. I wanna make a nice desktop collage and include one or both of them....anyone have any pictures of them you can email me? (or point me to) Thanks!
  13. Game 3 Score predictions

    Ive a feeling we will be looking at a 3-1 win. Also just think we will see an empty netter tonight, and one of the goals off the PP. (Philly scores off the PP also.) Failing that, we lose 2-1, then go on to win 4 straight, making modern day history yet again
  14. Anyone else not giving up yet?

    There is no way we can give long as the team doesnt. They have to come out looking like they will slaughter anything in their way to get a win, showing the fans they intend to put everything they have on the line. Which they will do, and we will win these two at home, bringing it to an INSANE game 5 back in philly, and making all the philly fans cry when we win it game 6, back in our house.
  15. Who's going to game 3 and/or 4?

    Ill be at both 3 and 4, section 216 row 21 baby. Have tickets to home game 6 too, which we WILL be having, however Ill be on a cruise so Ill be a no-show. Hopefully we will win this in 7, and have a bit of a lag so I dont miss any home games for round 2, that would suck. (I get back sat the 24th.)