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  1. Oh nice, 1 less hour to wait then, thank you Hahaha no that´s nothing for me
  2. Soo..another night here in sweden infront of the TV to watch the Devils, one becomes sleepy from sitting night after night, but it's always worth it! You just have to love the time differences
  3. Is there any new rumors about the Zajac injury? I want him back!
  4. Haha! That sounds better i thought he was hated by the fans
  5. Sitting and watching the game here in sweden and i got one question.. Why are the crowd booing Lou?
  6. I have seen Fasth alot here in sweden and i like him alot! He took AIK to the semi-finals almost by himself last year. Would like to see him as a back-up to Brodeur next season,and then i think we can have our new starter goalie
  7. Anything new about Zajac injury? Not that much of news of the devils here in Sweden
  8. When is Henrique expected to get back in game from hos injury?
  9. For you guys from scandinavia, at least you that understands swedish can visit my Devils fan-page on facebook and like it. Search for New Jersey Devils ( Sweden )