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  1. Now, if only we can get others to hop on this band-wagon.
  2. "A=Punk" - Vampire Weekend
  3. Talkin' out my butt here, but.....Wasn't it McMullen who set the no thirteen rule? Maybe Lou is respecting Mr. McMullen by continuing the rule / tradition. If that is, indeed, the case, then I applaud Lou for it.
  4. Come now. The 'Lanche were without Forsberg, don't forget.
  5. Wedge is very slightly below .900. Still, he had a good month that has helped propel Albany into the playoffs, in his first year in the AHL. That is a cause for cautious optimism.
  6. Thomson coming up with a terrific game for the series clincher for the second series in a row. giggity.
  7. Wedgewood coming up big in a stretch run is good to see.
  8. J G Cook's in Pitman is a possibility, too.
  9. Goon is an absolute abomination of a "movie." Just attrocious on every conceivable level. Slap Shot Miracle Mystery, AK Sudden Death. Mighty Ducks
  10. <------------ This guy is jealous.
  11. Hopefully, that shoot-out goal for Black helps him break the slump he's been on.\
  12. What a great pic. Must be quite the rush.
  13. All in all, a good night.
  14. Thomson is putting up points. Kind of surprising since he was considered nothing but a goon when he was drafted. I know he's a little older, but maybe this is a sign of untapped offensive potential.
  15. I'm fairly certain Kinkaid started and another goalie came on in relief about half way through. I think Frazee was the 2nd goalie.