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  1. Yes it is GOD.....
  2. First of all what ESPN needs to do is get rid of the NBA....that league sucks... More Melrose will make me happy.... although i do get the best hockey here.....HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA....
  3. GOD will loose out to Junior Lessard...... Because Junior is in the Frozen Four...
  4. On and off the ice....Zach is the best all-around hockey player and guy that has come from UND in a long Time... Look at Hale....Belfour....Murray Baron....and lots of others....They were/are good.... UND is College hockey King
  5. Its just not the devils scouts are awesome.... UND is the best college hockey team in the Nation And of Course GOD came from here...
  6. Totally Agree with you But GOD will do it all... After a few games you will notice how GOD is GREAT
  7. GOD is good, god is great....
  8. LOOK.... Look at GOD how good he looks in that devil Attire
  9. ZACH IS GOD...
  10. Hale is no GOD. Hale is a defensive Disciple...he aint to score...he to protect GOD....You will see...
  11. God will strike down thy any non belivers with thy skating skills and the fury of the slap ship in the House of worship called the Hockey Rink
  12. You will see why in after a few games
  13. PLease refer to Zach as GOD..... from NOW ON... After a couple of Games you will see why
  14. Its Quite sad that God Left, but i am happy for all the disciples that will want to follow into his footsteps. God will be reamed for The Hobey Baker by Junior Lessard, but in all senses God made the decision to give it to a disciple of his. Although if he decided to give it to a disciple he would have given it to BOCHENSKI. GOD will do good for.... GO DEVILS.....especially GOD
  15. Zach Parise IS GOD..... He will make all hockey better....