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    Watching the devils win<br>Paintball
  1. Favorite movies?

    I like Black Hawk Down Happy Gilmour Shrek Scary Movie 3 Planes, trains, and automobiles Clue I cant think of my other favorites cause i know i'm forgetting somthing
  2. Montreal/TB Game Thread....

    i like the underdog to win so i want montreal to win this year
  3. Yellowcard

    Yellowcard is the best band there best song is Ocean Avenue but they have other good ones
  4. Brodeur: Stevens' absence hurt us

    I Think it woul have helped if we had marshall in the lineup
  5. Thanks Guys

    It was a good year. The team had to battle without stevens and other injuries. We better win next year
  6. You What Song Is The Best To Listen To Right Now

    these are the lyrics from addicted that i changed to fit the situation I heard you're doing okay But I want you to know I'm a def A defenseman with Stevens I can't pretend I don't care When is he coming back Do you think I deserve this? I tried to make you happy but you left after the summer I'm never gonna forget that I'm defenseman with Scotty But I want you and I need you That big piece of silver Now it's over i only scored 5 goals in the regular season backbreaker Since the day I won you And after all we've been through I still hate the Flyers I think Brashear is a pansy I think you know that it's true He's horrible Do you think I deserve to lose? I'm trying to win you this year I'm doing all that I can But Martys letting in to many bad goals I might need to dust off the golf clubs How long will I be waiting? Until the end of the playoffs I don't know why I'm still waiting I'm gonna hit puckface today Backbreaker I'm gonna win you
  7. You What Song Is The Best To Listen To Right Now

    Trapt-Headstrong Story of the Year-Until the day i die Van Halen Simple Plan-Addicted (this is ok)
  8. chants

    We need to get nieds and marty goin and get confidence and make esche shakey and scared to play against the devils From now on the flyers refer to CAA or the devils as hell esches boyfriend: am i gonna see you tomorro? esche:no im goin to Hell
  9. R O L L C A L L F O R T R U E B E L I E V E R S

    Lets Go Devils I Believe in the Devil
  10. Game 3 Score predictions

    i have a feeling its gonna be tied 3-3 going to the 3rd period then the devils win 5-3 with an empty netter Brodeur is gonna have to play good and i think Gionta is gonna have a great game
  11. It's that time... PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS!

    East: West Round 1 Round 1 Tampa in 6 Detroit in 5 Montreal in 7 St. Louis in 7 New Jersey in 7 Calgary in 6 Toronto in 5 Dallas in 7 Round 2 Round 2 Tampa in 5 Detroit in 6 New Jersey in 6 Calgary in 4 Round 3 Round 3 Tampa in 7 Calgary in 7 Stanley Cup Tampa in 6
  12. The un-official, "official" we believe thread!

    I BELIEVE Devils Rocks there gonna win FLYERS SUCK
  13. I'm going to the game tomorrow

    I'm goin today i havent had time to go to any others it should be good game
  14. Who Do We Want To Play

    I want the Devils to face boston After todays win i no we can take them but lets hope they win 2morro
  15. Will Parise play tomorrow??

    no but i wish he was