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  1. I saw that yesterday on the news....Was the trucker a boyfriend of the woman who he killed? or was it a random murder?...It is very sad...They showed her photo on TV...she looked like a beautiful woman with a lifetime ahead of her..
  2. Hi Everyone! it has been a while since i have posted. is there anywhere listed when practice begins down at south mountain?..i am just assuming that it would begin after labor day. Thanks Belle
  3. Football: Colts & Giants Hockey: Devils Baseball: Mets Basketball: can't be bothered
  4. I am Thailand..
  5. My husband went to college out in Pittsburgh, so after the Giants, the Steelers are his next favorite team. As for me I am behind the Seahawks! It does make for fun and interesting bets!
  6. I am sorry for your loss. You honored your friend valiantly.
  7. happy belated...hope you had a great one
  8. nah...maybe he's having it stuffed so he can display it with his deer that hangs from the fireplace..ugh
  9. thought this was one of the best matches i have watched ever...i would put this one up there with mac/connors.. agassi still has it... i would like to see him take this one! blake..his time is comming..he is a class act!
  10. well here i go... i will sorely miss this man!...he epitomized what hockey was all about for me. i am still finding this hard to believe, albeit the past year & a half have been a buffer for this decision...thanks scott for all the incredible years of hockey, it has be a privilege.
  11. last concert...Bruce..seems so long ago
  12. For the men: I would like to see Agassi take it... then retire, otherwise Nadal is my second canidate. For the women: I am rootin for Serena
  13. This was priceless..I just got a kick out of it and had to pass it on to a few friends!
  14. I miss him too!....But it won't be too long from now!!!