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  1. Prospects who may be available in draft

    Yes, some are definitely easier to distinguish than others. Miro Hastofezy may be the sneakiest (The Mirror Has Two Faces). "Kalivorny Razin" was one of my prouder moments when conjuring these up I also posted this "April Fool's" post to the Hockey's Future board and the "Badweb" Devils e-mail group. This group here seems to have appreciated my humor a bit better. -Bill Hammell
  2. The Devils won't have a high pick, and here's who I think they could get, if things go their way (hey, you never know) for the 2004 Draft: 1. Hisgamis Reliov 2. Nogol Thanetisov 3. Armanis Relipukin 4. Heluk Hertisov 5. Kalivorny Razin 6. Resperi Bure 7. Petr Kotentil 8. Radim Hzrytz 9. Miro Hastofezy 10. Kryztof Kolmbicz 11. Rob DiBanco 12. Cliff Hanninger 13. Dieter Uscher 14. Ron Sipolis 15. Frank Discuzione 16. Tom Atacan 17. Jeff Boiardi 18. Curt DeGrassi