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  1. He could tell me Scott Gomez will wear a dress and play jacks on the ice if it helped us win the cup.
  2. Oh sorry for reivivng it I was reading a bunch of posts and I think this one got linked, so I didn't notice it was long dead
  3. Ottawa was the best, but I can't say I wasn't afraid of the Ducks. They were about as dominant as it gets for three rounds. And they even took us to 7 games.
  4. HDTV will be a huge boost for hockey. You can see everything absolutely perfectly. My family is getting a 70something inch projection TV almost entirely for hockey games. Once HDTV starts to catch on faster, hockey will be a much more TV-friendly sport. The World Series of Poker, Professional Bowling, ect have good rating because they have that "curious" factor. I watch Professional Bowling not because I like bowling, I hate to bowl, but because it is interesting and rare. Hockey, being more mainstream, doesn't have that to help it out, but at the same time doesn't have the fan base to compete with Football, Basketball, or Baseball.