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  1. Yeah it really makes no sense at all, they are drawing huge crowds every night, and the atmosphere in the stadium is something that a new stadium will not be able to replace.
  2. A new stadium could be in the works if approved, and since tax payers won't have to pay, good likelihood it could happen. Definately don't want to see this happen.
  3. Either the flames or the canadians, two underdog teams that are much more likeable than the Sens and certainly more likeable than the Leafs.
  4. Well, at least we have Zach Parise to look forward to, lets hope he turns out to be as good as everyone expects him to be.
  5. Maybe for the playoffs, but I don't think he's done for good, and I really don't think Stevens wants to go out this way either.
  6. Yeah, at this point, lets see them win game 5. They're not close to the team they were in 2000, which was able to come back from 3-1 down against the Flyers.
  7. Doesn't look good anymore...............
  8. Elias is the hottest devil, lets go for the hat trick
  9. anybody else getting espn new instead of the game on espn2????
  10. FINALLY, a lead!
  11. Finally, the crowd seems to be getting into it, and White is really becoming a physical presence that the Devils have needed
  12. Lets hope the devils get the 3rd goal, they NEED to have a lead sometime this series, and they can't afford to wait till game 4.
  13. Back in it!!
  14. Dammit Rafalski!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Waldo actually nearly scored on a breakaway