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  1. College student must see Devils games!

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
  2. Hi. I usually just read but I need help to see my Devils! I just started college at Drew University in Madison NJ and I never thought I wouldn't be able to get the Devils on tv BUT the school has limited cable channels -- no MSG, MSG2, Versus, only ESPN. Does anyone know any sites (pay or free) where I can get Devs games. NHL Center Ice blacks out local games so that's not an option. I can't believe this happened! Thanks!
  3. Which Rocky movie is the best?

    Rocky I because firsts are best.
  4. Drug policy in place in NHL

  5. Sabres get NHL's attention with blue ice

    maybe they will change the ice color for different holidays.
  6. Bad news: Elias has Hep. A

    Get well soon Patrik.
  7. Which devils cup was your favorite?

    Well I have to say 2000 since I was only 4 years old in 1995. And since the first year I began watching hockey was in 2000 i would have to say that winning that same year was really cool. Though 2003 was a great win 2000 was still a little more special since it was the first Stanley Cup that I saw the Devils win.
  8. Blues vs Sharks Game One

    Sharks win in OT.
  9. Game 1: Devils @ Flyers, 7:30PM MSG (or not)

    Finally got the game only nineteen minutes into the period. Now I can finally see what is going on but sadly in the one minute I saw we looked a sleep. This better not ever happen again and we better score a goal. But why worry we will now that I can actually see the game
  10. Game 1: Devils @ Flyers, 7:30PM MSG (or not)

    This is sooooooooooooo stupid. I can't believe it I can't watch the game and to make it worse we are losing. MSG better fix this now I am so mad. Come on we can get this goal back. Lets Go Devils!
  11. Game 1: Devils @ Flyers, 7:30PM MSG (or not)

    We have a predictions thread already. Can't the game thread be only good, upbeat, optimistic vibes? Like Devils destroy the Flyers! GO DEVILS! :evil: 16 more wins!
  12. Stevens announcement tomorrow?

    Head games. Not cool. Not cool at all. Oops pardon the pun.
  13. Denver Post Columnist Sez

    And preventing the other team from tying the game is what you're supposed to do. The object of the game is to win. Winning is never boring.
  14. So It's The Flyers

    Alright no problem we can beat the flyers. It might be a little difficult but every team we could of played would of been hard so it didn't really matter who we played first. I think we can win this series since the Flyers are to cocky and will probably get over confident.
  15. Congrats to the Devils for the record fewest goals

    That is why we are the best team in the universe. Only 164 goals allowed this season. That is amazing with or without Stevens to help us. Lets Go Devils