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  1. ESPN: Screwing Us All, Again

    Get Centre Ice Screw ESPN!! They have the worst coverage in all of hockey. Fox Sports is good and CBC, TSN and CTV (all Canadian) are all much better. However we are all stuck with horrible ESP-ON coverage for the conference finals and the finals. Maybe the league should look into better coverage of hockey for better ratings instead of changing the game. I myself loath to here Gary Thorn's voice miss-pronouncing players names and mixing up icing, offsides and penalties. Who really wants to hear ESPN spout off endlessly about how good Detroit, Dallas and Colorado are?
  2. Denver Post Columnist Sez

    Don't forget the photo caption "Martin Brodeur led the Devils to the Cup last year. This year, leading them to the golf course would be appreciated." As a Devil fan I am sick and tired of ESPN bashing the Devils. Does anyone remember the constant Ray Borque promos during the 2001 cup coverage? Not one Devil feature. I guess they are upset that Lamarillo limits ESPN access to the Devils players. And that the Devils beat their Disney team last year. Also sick and tired of the accusation that the Devils play a boring game. Lemaire left a long time ago. The Devils will out chance and out shoot their opponents almost every game. The Devils rarely trap in neutral zone. They now seem to force the turn over in their defensive zone, thus trapping the opposition while quickly breaking out using their speed to gain the advantage. The only sportscasters that speak favorably about the Devils out side of Fox Sports are Barry Melrose and Don Cherry. Sorry for the rant but I just had to say something. I wish Fox sports would cover the Cup finals or I could receive the CBC for the finals. Link to Article http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/playoffs2004...erry&id=1775666