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  1. Lindros

    Trust me, you guys want nothing to do with this guy and his family.
  2. Well wishes to Pat Burns

    This is a classy idea. Best wishes to Pat and his family. He's the kind of person that will beat this thing. I have always liked him. He's been one of the top coaches in this league for at least the past 10 years.
  3. Official Game Day Thread - Leafs at Flyer Game 5

    John LeClair is the only Flyer I can think of that DOESN'T live in South Jersey.
  4. Leafs' Nieuwendyk out for Game Two

    First the Flyers couldn't beat the Devils, then they couldn't beat Toronto, now they can't beat Tampa? Next we'll be hearing how they can't beat Detroit, San Jose etc..
  5. Flyers' Johnsson has broken hand

    Please, there are bad fans evey where. My 10 year old little brother got a beer thrown on him at game 3. You want to know why? Because he was wearing a Roenick jersey.
  6. New coach

    Did you see what Neilson looked like when he told Clarke he was ready to come back?!? Even the doctors told Neilson that there was no way he should start coaching right away after the treatment he had been receiving.
  7. Philly will win the east

    If there is one team the Flyers own, it's Toronto. The only team that really scares me is Ottawa.
  8. One Stop Wonder Goalies

    Blaine Lacher To a lesser extent Roman Turek.
  9. This team needs to have more than one good line

    Maybe, just maybe the Flyers deserve some credit for this.
  10. Esche... this year's Gigeure?

    I don't think it's fair to compare any of the current playoff goalies to Giguere. The run that Giguere had last year was just plain sick. I have never seen anything like that in all my years of watching hockey.
  11. Worst Playoffs Ever!

    You can thank Jaques Lemaire for this.
  12. Rafalski is still hurt

    Rafalski definitely hasn't been himself thus far. He's been practically invisible, and he is the type of player that you usually notice.
  13. I don't want hear anything

    Is that Claude Vilgrain in your avatar?
  14. Down 3-1... repeat of 2000?

    I'm not trying to be a wise ass, but what have you guys seen in this series that leads you to believe that the Devils can still come back and win? The Flyers have been the better team from the goal mouth out. On the other hand it is cool that most people around here aren't throwing in the towel just yet. There's no sense quitting on your team until the final horn sounds.
  15. Down 3-1... repeat of 2000?

    Not this time. The Devils are a shell of their former selves.