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  1. Visions of Saint Martan

    As seen amidst the smoke cleared before my eyes by the demon Avery in the cold of the garden... The blessings are upon us!!!
  2. Prophesies from Saint Martan

  3. Prophesies from Saint Martan

  4. Prophesies from Saint Martan

    Seeing my wonderful new Devils Jet, I had a vision... My #23 betrayed me and the evils captured a Mighty SHIP to battle us! Then the vision got clearer and I said aloud "Oh... We- you know- don't need to worry." SO speakith Saint Martan.
  5. Game 1: Devils @ Flyers, 7:30PM MSG (or not)

    Alas... I was put to death anon.... Yet I shall rise again brothers!!!