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  1. Lightning-Flyers Game 6 game thread

    Hahahaha!!!! Oh, *wipes tear*, you people are too much, with your conspiracy theories and all. Philly raped tampa, and no calls? The non-calls were absolutely HORENDOUS on both sides, please. How did anyone miss the 6 men on the ice for Tampa? How about the raping of Handzus when he was on a partial breakaway? Yet, none of this is mentioned. BTW, you have GOT to be kidding me about the Thorne/Clement thing, about them loving the Flyers. 80-90% of their jabber is all about Lecavalier and St. Loois, and how good they are, and how unstoppable they are, etc. etc. Jeez, your haterd for the Flyers has really blindd you to the truth, with HILARIOUS RESULTS!
  2. clement and thorne

  3. Poetic justice

    They're more spoiled that US, too. I'd say a better fit for that team would be Martin. Gives the hockey world another reason to hate the Avs.
  4. Flyers' Johnsson has broken hand

    I know this doesn't justify it, but I knew the guy in the photo. He used to work at the same place as me, and the guy can push too far sometimes. He probably harassed the holy hell out of the fans, and never could keep his mouth shut. The guy should have known when to shut up, but the fans also went too far.
  5. Flyers' Johnsson has broken hand

    I'm glad Stevens has concussion problems. HAHAHA -- thats funny.. since they all came on this site and had no problem knocking Stevens and wishing his career would be ended by a hit if he comes back.. and now they get defensive cause of a broken hand comment! Its like theres some sort of Double Standard for Flyers fans??? Putting the Flyers fan part aside, It's ignorant to wish an injury on anyone, regardless. Glad to see you guys are extremely sore losers. I made my comment in jest, as I don't really feel that way, but if you make an ignorant comment, you get one in return. As far as 1975, is that supposed to make me feel bad? I wasn't even alive then, so how can something like that bother me? Face it, you guys are complete scumbags, and any cups won by your GM was wasted on your depleted fanbase. Leaf fans are more respectable than you, and that's saying a lot.
  6. Flyers' Johnsson has broken hand

    I'm glad Stevens has concussion problems.

    Sorry guys, looks like he is going to retire. http://home.comcast.net/~hat_trick/stevens.swf He already started training at his new job...

    Even I have to admit, the Devils got screwed with that call. Now you guys know how the Flyers felt in that one Leafs series a few years ago. Damn Buttman, just let 'em play.

    2 games is hard to come back from, but not impossible. You guys did beat the Flyers 4 years ago down 3-1, did you not? Have faith.

    Wait a minute, how many goals did the Devils score last game within 30 some seconds? 2? That's a tie game. Don't give up!

    Listen to yourselves. The Flyers are up by 1, that's it. The Hrdina goal was lucky, but so was the Zhamnov goal. There are 20 more minutes to play, and you guys are giving up? The Flyers are playing well, but it is still a one goal game. Have some faith.
  12. EZ...

    DING DING DING! Hey, you guys FINALLY get it. I knew it would sink in eventually. My whole point was that what I was saying were possibilities, not facts. If you're sick enough to imagine JR and Amonte or Handzus naked in a shower together, than that's ok, I guess? The thing is, while it is doubtful that they do something like that, it's not ENTIRELY out of the question. Hey, Jim, I have an inferiority complex? Who did I put down to make myself look bigger here? No one? Oh yeah, that's right. Look in the mirror a little longer, and you will see the guy who has to put an ENTIRE city down, one that he probably knows nothing about. LMAO @ NJD Jester. Your post makes no sense. I made a statement, and you basically copy and pasted your last response. Who is going in circles now? I guess since your "done with me", you won't respond to this. I never said the decision was wrong (about Scott Stevens being innocent), I just gave different scenarios as to what could have happened. I may be a Flyers fan, but I already openly admitted the Stevens hit on Lindros was vicious, but clean. I know hockey when I see it, regardless if it's Orange and Black or any other color. Oh, and by the way devsRgreat, I loathe the Sopranos. I don't even have HBO to watch that garbage. Also, don't you think it's wierd that you are actively participating in this "rediculous discussion"? You sound like you are a fool following a fool. Anyway, it's been fun. Honestly, I don't think I was that bad here, as far as "GO FLYERS" or "debbies suck", but I need to get going now. I got stuff to do (hence the late reply), and then it's off to watch the game. So, in closing, good luck tonight, and may the best team win. GO FLYERS!! (I had to do it)
  13. EZ...

    Pretty much. I'm sorry, but if you threaten a rape victim, that's just all the more against you. Once you make that threat the woman can call the police and have you locked up right away. I'm not saying it's impossible but it would be quite a STUPID thing to do, basically begging to have the police lock you up. Who said it was a phone call? Why not have a few "friends" flatten the tires of her car? Why not break all of her windows, too? Hell, lets not stop at THREATENING her kids, if she has any. I'm an upstanding citizen, and even I can think of things to do to scare the crap out of someone else. No, it isn't. Waht I said was a possibility, isn't even an opinion of mine. There are a lot of things we will never know about, and things that are posibilities, and this is one of them.
  14. EZ...

    I don't know, am I? I simply offered the other side of the story, the UNBIASED part that you guys are blind to. This doesn't make me biased, because no one knows my true feelings on the subject. I am just offering different scenarios to the situation. Again, you people act as if this scenario is impossible. Gangster movies were made to emulate REAL gangsters, so why is something like this impossible? It's because of your biased opinions of Scott Stevens.