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  1. I love Kyle Palmieri. At least he's been a bright spot in this sh!tshow of a season. Fun game. I will take losses like these for the rest of the season.
  2. I loled at the celebration. Who cares about this guy? You know, I had no clue this video would even be about him...I completely forgot he existed. He was never going to be our savior. His nose is bigger than his NHL career ever was. Gosh, I did really want to like him though. I agree that I think he faded away partly because he clearly did not want to play for New Jersey anymore. No love lost. He couldn't hack it in the big leagues, so he can go have fun overseas. Good for him.
  3. I'm also in Morris county, got a foot of snow, and was one of the few knuckleheads that was forced into work today. I've been up since 530 am and just got home a little while ago. My entire staff called out so I had to work an open to close. ...I manage a Walgreens. FML.
  4. So...they're totally losing on purpose right? RIGHT? They aren't possibly this bad, are they? Alas, I kid. Still...that was a moderately entertaining take on tank city. At least Palms can pad his stats. And Zacha is developing into a fine young player. Sigh. Tank away.
  5. Beau Bennett doing his best Crosby right there. Since when did he have hands like that? Kid has been holding out on us I tell you!!!!
  6. Welp. We are getting blown out by the Arizona Coyotes. 2017 is..surreal.
  7. Tuned into this late and it's already over. Tank on. Goodnight.
  8. Seriously. Someone needs to be held accountable for this pathetic display, whether warranted or not. Send a motherfvcking message that THIS ISN'T OKAY. We were never supposed to be good, but we also weren't supposed to be THIS bad. Hynes needs to go if not now than definitely in the offseason. He's not going to win jack sh!t for us. This team should be embarrassed right now. This has been a disgustingly pathetic tribute to this great organization.
  9. fvck it. Fire Hynes at this point. I didn't think it could get this bad. We lost to the fvckin' Avalanche. I'm embarrassed to be a Devils fan right now. Tank away.
  10. We are going to lose to the worst team in the mother fvcking league. This team is a joke. Such garbage. fvck the 2017 New jersey Devils. 9 games.
  11. You've gotta be fvcking kidding me.
  12. Next stop, Stanley Cup Champs baby!!!
  13. I kind of wish Hall didn't even bother scoring...we are so piss poor pathetic that we deserve to be shutout every game for the rest of the season at this point.
  14. So. 2 shots in a period. 1 goal on those two shots. I can't.
  15. Omg this team is so pathetic.