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  1. Ah well. fvck him. Piece of sh!t.
  2. Welp. We pulled that generational talent out of the black hat after all.
  3. Fan - fvckin -tastic. Great trade.
  4. He wanted that third year. Good for him for finding it. A lot of San Jose fans are devastated right now. He was their Elias.
  5. It's weird looking back at this thread. I've been on this board since it's inception, really. I legitimately grew up here. I was 15-16 when NJDevs first came out and I'm 32 now. I've witnessed all of redruM's crazy rants, fought with you all over the original NJDevs front page, got to experience djstubbs and par99, got to watch every single time Derek threatened to leave us, and lived through all 5835 jersey fight and goal song brawl...hell, I could go on. It's crazy to think back on how much we have all been through together. I've seen it all here. Hell, I was an administrator at one point even. You guys are all knuckleheads and I love this place for it. This has always been the best place to talk shop, and I firmly believe it's not just the best Devils forum, but one of the best hockey places period. Long live NJDEVS ha.
  6. Welp, you're already right because JaJo signed with Buffalo earlier today.
  7. I honestly forgot this idiot still existed in the league.
  8. I think the general consensus is Franson at this point. People seem keen on a trade too but I'm not sure who they think we are trading to get a top pairing dman at this point in time. The social media websites are actually hilarious to read in this regard...getting a marquee player for a 6th round draft pick and Jacob Josefson's left-behind jock. Ha.
  9. This is unrealistic. Ray Shero would never use a magic wand. He'd pull the generational talents out of a black hat. Duh.
  10. Well this thread is taking a strange turn...
  11. Yes, yes!! A thousand times yes!!!!
  12. We signed Brian Strait and Brian Gibbons to two way deals
  13. Okay so 1) let's talk about how I am Barry fvckin' Tallackson's keeper and 2)...how is another member a keeper of me?
  14. I WILL NOT RELAX WHEN BEN LOVEfvckINGJOY IS STILL ON THIS TEAM. ..I just really don't like Ben Lovejoy.