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  1. So...was that Taylor Hall bobblehead for real? He has a friggen beard in it.
  2. How many wins do we have with the retro sweaters....like 2?
  3. Why did we still get a penalty? This is a full blown sh!t show now.
  4. I particularly enjoyed Palmieri passing the puck seemlessly into the stick of a Cap.
  5. fvck these officials. fvck this team. fvck John MacLean. God he's annoying as all sh!t.
  6. God Ovi wrecked us there. Whew.
  7. It's great to hear from you! Always nice to see the OG posters poke their heads in every now and then.
  8. Okay, they roped me back in with that poster. Easily the best one this season. I'm conflicted though...while I'm still going to totally buy this poster, I'm concerned the Devils will get their butts stomped by the Caps and this beautiful poster will be a memory of the latest massacre the Devils suffer. Ah well. It's too pretty. I must buy. I'll grab a couple extra again if anyone is interested in one. Just PM me!
  9. True. I'd just like to see how'd they'd do it as its a big more of a challenging letter to add flare to lol. Don't care if they keep the name or not either, as long as they stay competitive I'm good. I knew attendance was bad but damn, I didn't think it was THAT bad. What is this the third time Albany has lost a team between us and the Hurricanes? How many chances does this area get before they throw the towel in? Well...guess we have our answer. I feel bad for the fans that did remain faithful though. Does Rowdy still post here?
  10. Wonder how they're going to add a horn or tail to a B.
  11. I've been in the ER waiting room all night here in Morristown. The people watching alone was so much better than this game ever could have been.
  12. I think I'm done for tonight. Glad I didn't go to this sh!tshow.
  13. My God they had like 50 open nets there...
  14. Wow. We actually got the man advantage out of it! I'm not sure how to even handle this!
  15. Girioux conveniently crumpled up like the sack of sh!t he is and got the call. fvcking bullsh!t.