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  1. And Edmonton has been bounced. Goodnight, Adam Larsson. Killer effort, but the Quackers prevailed. Hats off to McDavid and the Oilers for putting up helluva fight. They'll be sticking around for a while. Alas, I think Hallsy will sleep a little more comfortably tonight knowing his former team is no longer in the hunt for the Cup while he's playing golf in the Garden State.
  2. I don't think it was a garbage effort either but something was a bit off tonight. This team is some warped version of Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hide when it comes to regular season vs playoffs. They can dominate the hell out of you or completely disappear and get manhandled by the opposition. I feel like tonight they tried desperately to get into domination mode but something didn't fully click and they just couldn't get to that point. I thought they did play well enough and they did throw everything they could at Fleury but 1) the Pens actually showed up 100% 2) Fleury rebounded and had a helluva game and most importantly, 3) the Caps just couldn't get their passes to be crisp enough or their chances to be quality enough. Something was off with them tonight. I feel bad for Washington fans. They must be beyond livid. Still, it just feels wrong to boo them off the ice. Feels taboo or something, lol.
  3. What the heck just happened in Anaheim??
  4. Yeah I stopped looking at my bracket a while back lol. It's been a pure sh!t show haha
  5. Holtby and Ovi look absolutely devastated. Tough loss. Not for lack of effort, that's for sure. I agree with the sentiment that the Caps came to play yet...they were just a little off still. Couldn't get it completely going and the Pens were just THAT much stronger tonight. Ah well. Onto the next game 7...I love playoff hockey!
  6. Go Sens Go!
  7. Holtby looks PISSED. Wow. They're really booing now. Pathetic.
  8. Sounds like some Caps fans are actually booing right now...that's nice. Way to support your team, even if they are frustrating as all hell.
  9. Starting to look darker and darker in Washington right now...
  10. Derp. 2-0 now. Caps are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Fleury and can't break through. The Pens are wide awake no less. It's going to be tough for the Caps to build anything here.
  11. Whoa. Did anyone see Fleury get a little suggestive with his stick just now? Lol.
  12. Sad Hank is sad. https://streamable.com/5cw7d
  13. I don't hate Pittsburgh, but I am sick of them all the same. Alas, no Hawks..no Rags...no Pens...best outcome that could possibly happen outside of the Devils actually being in the postseason!
  14. Happy Ranger Elimination Day guys and gals! One of my favorite days of the year! Such a great holiday. So thankful we get to celebrate it EVERY year!