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  1. Cool Hockey advertised being able to preorder Hall's jersey before his number was announced and ensured they'd have 'em ready to ship as soon as his number was made official. I mean...they were out of stock on every other Devils option available but damn, they seemed pretty excited about this deal so, awesome. I'll be excited too then. After placing an order last Friday, I get a call from them today proclaiming they had no jerseys and that they would hold onto my money until October when they restocked for the new season. I politely told them to cancel the order and refund my money immediately and gave them a tip to maybe - just maybe - learn what it means to advertise something and not bother utilizing a pre sale if you never intended to stock the product in the first place. Guess I'll wait until the Rock restocks them to grab mine. It's too bad because Cool Hockey had been pretty decent. Hell, I've been using them since 2002. Guess that's changing now.
  2. Well, a little tidbit here - the author/creator of this story is actually a diehard Devils fan. Steve used to be part of the 2MA crew with me, Josh, and Joe, and his career has really taken off in the past few years. He's with NJ Advance Media now which coincides with NJ.com and mostly does weather reports and stories, but it's always nice to see him get a chance to get any sort of hockey-related piece out there. Alas, those are just my 2cents. And of course, I voted my ass off for the Devils. Sucks to see the map getting bluer and bluer though. Such is life.
  3. lol. well, best of luck zids. all these other trades really amped us on believing we'd get something decent in return. man that sucks.
  4. if i were jagr i'd turn that sh!t down too so i wouldn't have to wear those ugly ass jerseys. oh, but good for patty. seems like the sentimental pick.
  5. yeah, he did. he is/was a promising writer too. damnit steve...y u gotta b cr33py?
  6. DON. this is amazing. good for you. YOU GO DON! no but seriously: what an inspiration! i'm diggin' it.
  7. right back atchya, dew. i hardly post anymore (and i'm pretty sure a lot of you dont even remember who i am) but i still lurk on a daily basis and this place will always be home for me. started on espn boards back in, like, '01 or something and DM leeched a few of us over here. i know a couple of you guys still post *cough*dr33*cough* and it's really great to see. made some great friends, some horrible enemies, and have had a ton of awesome memories through it all. i'll always love this place.
  8. Perfect.
  9. Clemmy looks rusty as hell
  10. i always liked the chicken tenders and fries at the caa as a kid. i hope they get rid of the "nathan's inspired" fries or whatever it is they have at the rock - they are so gross and mushy and often not even cooked thoroughly. i remember how exciting the whole taste of newark thing was going to be with centerplate (or was it someone else who had that deal? i just remember a lot of sh!t going down with jimmy buff's when aramark came in and did knockoffs of all the other taste of newark stands), but everything was just bland. overpriced cardboard. i wonder how this will affect pricing and wait times overall - and yeah i know it SHOULDNT be the objective to EAT at the arena when you're going to see a game but when you're trying to pimp out a world class arena you SHOULD have somewhat decent food i'd think. this should be a nice experiment. hope it doesn't fail, it would be nice to see some of the amenities start to match up with the arena itself.
  11. I voted. Good luck
  12. No way the rags can sustain that pressure and win three more games. Love how at the end the puck pokes through Henrik's legs but it's a friggen AMAZING save. Its too bad, would have liked to see as much salt getting rubbed in New York's wounds tonight at home but I guess it'll be nice for LA and its fans to get the Cup on their own turf. And then I can go back to hating both teams again and this lovely season can just be forgotten.
  13. Damn. Price out the rest of the series. They NEED to respond. Run lundqvist. Either way, this series is going to get nasty.
  14. Thanks for nothing, Pittsburgh
  15. Lol.