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  1. Tom Fitzgerald named Assistant GM

      Ha! I played on a midget A ice hockey team out of Montclair many years ago and our name was the jersey penguins with the same logo but red instead of gold
  2. When Josefson Returns

    I just don't see Sykora on the 4th line doesn't make much sense to me
  3. Tavares fined for slashing Parise

    He also high sticked Kovy right in the face in front of the net and no call
  4. GDT: 10/25 Nj Devils @ LA Kings 7:30pm PST

    I'm going to miss this game as well.........GO DEVILS!
  5. Personlaized Devils' Jersey Contest

    I was about to ask the same thing
  6. GDT: Philadelphia Flyers @ New Jersey Devils 7pm

    GO DEVILS!!!
  7. GDT: Philadelphia Flyers @ New Jersey Devils 7pm

    Go Devils!!!!
  8. GDT: Philadelphia Flyers at New Jersey Devils

    Here ya go........
  9. Yann Danis an Oiler

    I thought he signed with them back in July?
  10. Buyin a Jersey

    I would go with Kovy, he's not going anywhere for a while
  11. Thank You Trent Hunter.

    I think he showed up drunk and late to one of the practice sessions, I believe Ftorek was the coach back then and told him to go home.
  12. Does Manta Write for Yahoo! Sports?

    He put Elias at 10
  13. Will "there" be a scrimmage open to the public today?

    I don't think practices and scrimmages are open to the public
  14. Books About History of The New Jersey Devils

    25 The History of the Devils in New Jersey, it's a book by The Star Ledger
  15. Tomahawk Slash

    Wouldn't surprise me if he ends up goin to jail, there's zero room for this in hockey and its a disgrace.