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  1. Devs in 7

    I still believe. I'm the only one out of all my friends/family. I called my dad and being the oh-so-optimistic person he is he exclaimed without so much as a hello, "we're done." and then I said, "No! Remember 2000!" And he responded, "But they're not the same team as in 2000...they're a younger team now." That may be true---but I still believe.
  2. The Wildwoods

    This is making me so incredibly sad. My family has been going down to Wildwood Crest since I was literally just born. We always stayed at The Astronaut. Wildwood holds some wonderful memories of mine and I JUST found out about all this demolishing of motels they're doing down there to build condos. The motels and that atmosphere is what made The Wildwoods. I don't know if anyone cares, but if you do go here http://www.doowopusa.org/
  3. FLYERS @ DEVILS, Game 3, 7pm, FSNY

    Well...watching a hockey game at school was quite an experience. No real hockey fans and I had to tell my friend Brian to shut up. He kept saying, "They should throw a flag on that play." I kept reminding him that there were no flags. Other than that my friend Caitlin was great support and cheered along with me because hey ...we're both Jerseyans. (And she had a lot of fun picking out the "cute" hockey players) I called my dad after the second period and apparently he wasn't watching. He said he had to turn it off after 1-0 because he's REALLLY supersitious and felt like he was bad luck. Hah. About the game--I don't have much to add except that I was worried about Brodeur int he beginnig stages of the game. I don't know what it is I just feel uncomfortable anytime a Flyer shoots the puck and I usually am confident about Marty. He did seem to gain some more control more towards the end of the game. It was also good to see White hitting some guys. Physical presence needs to be felt. Excited/nervous for the next game. I really wish I were home so maybe I could actually go and actually watch it on tv--The OC has higher standing then hockey here at school.
  4. Hi :o)

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
  5. Hi :o)

    I just figured I'd introduce myself--so hi -- I'm Lauren, I'm 18, just about to finish my freshman year of college, and I'm from northern new jersey...near North Caldwell. My entire family is full of hockey fans. I used to love going to my cousin's HS hockey games when I was little and I've been a Devils fan since I can remember. I'm very supersitious around playoff time. It's kind of sad being away at school because I'm not home to watch with my dad or friends, but I watch when I can. Soooo, yeah, I'm happy to have found this forum it looks like fun.