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    They aren't pathetic. Stevens was there two years ago, when we lost to Carolina in the first round.
  2. Flyers VS Devils Game Thread, 7pm METRO

    Keep the faith guys 2 more goals, and we win 3-2 in OT
  3. FLYERS @ DEVILS, Game 3, 7pm, FSNY

  4. FLYERS @ DEVILS, Game 3, 7pm, FSNY

    No. The Flyers are losing and the announcers need someone to blame. Flyers winning = good called game Devils winning = getting away with murder
  5. FLYERS @ DEVILS, Game 3, 7pm, FSNY

    Local TV blackout for you. Same thing here in Delaware (But mine is due to the Flyers broadcast on Comcast). Basically, everyone outside NJ and Philly areas are watching it on ESPN, while we (mostly) are forced to watch the local coverage.
  6. FLYERS @ DEVILS, Game 3, 7pm, FSNY

    I have it here in Delaware (unfortunately). They have got to be the biggest homers in the NHL. Basically, they cry foul on the Flyers penalties and "good call" on the Devils penalties. More of the same after the last goal