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  1. na na, na na na

    i just dont know how were gonna figure it out now, im out of ideas
  2. na na, na na na

    i'm over that stupid song now i just heard a great song that i havent heard in a while i downloaded it and now im addicted(the freshman by verve pipe) great song new topic: anybody remember some great songs from the 90's that eveyone kinda forgot about ? i think this will be a good subject later
  3. na na, na na na

    i thinks its simply hope less
  4. na na, na na na

    im sorry for not having lots of info, but what can you do those songs were not it i changed my mind, i dont know why i said it was like soft rock but now that i think about it, its not soft rock at all i dont know what it is, im not good with music its slow but like lame slow, hope u know what i mean its very catchy i hear it at many sports games in fact i heard this weekend while i was watching the blue jays game on tv but it was too hard to get the lyrics because of the commentators well hope that helps a bit til next time later
  5. na na, na na na

    hey sorry i havent had time to check yet , i guarantee ill download the songs before the weekend is over, till then later
  6. na na, na na na

    thanx for more replies, im gonna download those songs now, and ill write back with a reply later
  7. na na, na na na

    slows nahs
  8. na na, na na na

    it goes nah nah, pause, nah nah nah, they are sang by one guy its kind of like soft rock male singer a soft male voice comes in after, but i couldnt hear the chorus i have no idea who sings it i guess i would have to say it reminds me of eye of the tiger, but dont pay too much attention to that
  9. na na, na na na

    anybody got any more ideas?
  10. na na, na na na

    sorry, i meant its more like rock its not techno at all i dont know why i wrote techno it is not techno
  11. na na, na na na

    no dont any words cuz i hear only parts of it at hokcey games, and its only na na na na na, its not techno, i would have to say its more like techno
  12. na na, na na na

    no its not bon jovi , thanx for trying
  13. na na, na na na

    first of all im a guy im trying the bon jovi one wild night right now, well see sammyk: any idea of the name now? thanx oh ya, its not no limit, not even close to it
  14. na na, na na na

    i appreciate the replies, but they were all wrong i know for sure its not angel in the centrefold i just wish i knew the lyrics, it would be so much easier
  15. na na, na na na

    the na na's are the acutally word for the song