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  1. Brett Hull storms out of practice

    This is EXACTLY why I'm hoping for a long, very long lockout. I pay Primo Good Money to see the rich pretty boy prima donas' play the game I love. Each year it gets worse, their salary goes up and so does my out of pocket expenses. I can't afford to bring my family anymore, so its just me. And what des the average fan get in return? we get the Golden Brett saying were not worth a shiite. Fek em all. Lock em out til they lose thier homes and cars and then lets rebuild this League with the talent the Juinors can offer us. 109 DTG before the USA World Junions Champions defend their Gold medals.
  2. Well Met

    LOL thats me! So drunk I couldn't hold my head up straight to look into the camera..... Of all the interviews I had that year, I can't believe outta all the good hockey talk I gave they found the one clip I wasn't sober on and chose it. *L* the rest is history...
  3. Biggest devil "bust"

    Essa Tikkanen LMAO The only thing I can tink of worse that getting fishmouth Tikka was seeing someone in my Section (217) with a new sweater and his name on it. We only had Tikka for 21 days, not games, DAYS!!! Them WHAMMO! We sent that Ranger Scum Packing! Bernie Nichols was another BlueSkirt Nightmare foisted on us.
  4. Well now that the last witch is dead

    Old Man Dave to the Cup! However, he dissed the Prince of Wales last night by not picking her up. The last one to do that was Eric Lindros of the Flyers and I cursed his ass then and there to never lift another trophey for the rest of his career. So far it has works.. Sorry Dave, I want you to win but you put your head in the noose all by yourself.
  5. Danton reads statement from jail cell

    Frost must have the tightest sweetest ass this side of heaven or the biggest schween for Danton to love him this much. I seriously doubt he is covering anything of his ass where his boyfriend, robot lover is concerned. What a job it must be to be this nut-cases lawyer. Look for his legal team to jump ship this week over this crap.
  6. Summer Vacations

    The Sweetest Place on Earth! I love Hershey Park....some of the Best Coasters too!
  7. Well Met

    LMAO a VERY, V E R Y Painful game that was. I have never before or since been driven out of a building like a leper. That was one of the worst times of my life. I was ready to fight about 25 guys whose mouths couldn't equal one set of teeth. *Still laughs at the thought of being dragged away* Thank God my friends are all cowards. I'd have been locked up like the kid from My Cousin Vinnie, awaiting a death sentence.
  8. Well Met

    229?......229.?? BOWMAN's Section? I remember worshipping that guy. Then he started selling out more and more. Now he gets the crowd going only when we have a lead, or when they put the camera on him. I find it disgraceful now. We jeer him. You either bleed Black and Red or you bleed nothing. He's a Sham now. I hope that doesn't offend you. I'm pleased to make the aquaintence of any real fan. But I do gt incensed over those that only cheer when the times are good. We have a few of those ourselves, and I rip them to shreds nightly.
  9. The Guilty Parties

    Can ANYONE tell me WHY we picked up Kozlov and Larionov? If Burns had no plans on ever playing them then why in the Blu Fek did we get them? Two of the biggest guys on our roster and we sure as fek could have used some size last night and they are eternal scratches! Neiwendyk gone for nothing...we get the worlds oldest hockey player as a consolation gift? Scuse me while I !!! I never question Uncle Louie's judgement but I think he should have talked with Burns first. I mean theres NO SENSE in paying a player thats gonna sit every fekking night!. I need more meds.
  10. Hello

    WELCOME WELCOME! I'm new myself and I LOVE you siggy. I may have to steal it myself for another board. LOL Enjoy the Fury ! Where do you sit? Section 217 is taking applications as we speak. Do you Fit the Bill of HATE Inc.?
  11. Well Met

    Yeah, thats sorta how we feel about some of them. But after all (like they said in Animal House, "We need the dudes.") We have asked them to tone it down a bit. Even got into it to the point of blows one time at a Ranger game. I think its better to be united and take what both have to contribute and focus that energy onto the enemies. Thats why I call it HATE Inc. We can intimidate and help turn the atmosphere anywhere we go. In Philly last year, we made the papers we were so roudy. In Boston, my God, they never saw anything like us as we tailgated in the cellar of thier parking lot. Aneheim, Carolina, Denver, Montreal, The Garden. Anywhere we go enmasse is always another chapter for our book. ESPN writers and Sport Illustrated wrote about us. We make every Championship tape (2 personally for me) Don't just go to a game and watch it. You can do that at home. Bring friends. ROUDY Friends. Make your section know your names. Have them miss you when you don't go. Don't let the Meadowlands Sports Authority think they can control you and the outcome of the game. Stand in the Aisles. Run to the Halo when we score. Bear Hug your neighbors. Scream - Chant - Shout - Sing songs. This is OUR Team. This is OUR Swamp. And those are YOUR Sections. Take Them - Own Them And Spread the disease like wild fire!
  12. Going to Game 4, anyone else gonna be there?

    The Captain of Sec 217 will be there. Row 24, seats 2,3,4 (as if I ever use them) PreGame Celebrations in the Main Parking Lot accross form the Box Office B-29
  13. Well Met

    Mr I. and 2 Beers are with ME. As are all the rest that wear my 217 Jersey. I've been in that section since 1989, and consider myself the founder of the Army of 217. (though some might like to dispute) The others you speak of, well they are a younger crowd. OK in their own rights but need to tone down the racial slurs and inappropriate cursing just for cursing's sake. We kinda want them to be with us but they cast a bad light on the section. Its hard to bring kids there with that kinda crap. We just wanna have fun and watch our team win. Anyways, as the CEO of HATE Inc. I thank you.
  14. FLYERS @ DEVILS, Game 3, 7pm, FSNY

    -- Who Am I Gamling? - You are our Section Capt. -- And do you trust your Section Capt.? - DevilDan, your men will follow you to what ever end. --To what ever end..... Where is the Red Light that was shining? Where is the Horn that was blowing? They have passed like zambonis over the frozen lakes Like mists over the ice. The Days are drawing in the East Into shadows.... How did it come to this? BEAT THE FILTH!
  15. Well Met

    I suppose it was inevitable that I joined here. I am DevilDan of Section 217. Leader of HATE Inc. Like the Battle Star Galactica series, I lead a rag tag band of fugitives on the never ending and lonley quest. A shining cup we call the Stanley. If your ever in the Swamp, come up and say hey. Sit with us we don't bite hard. You'll have a great time, might get beer spilled on you, might get throw out by security and you'll definately learn some new words. But in the end we few, we happy few are indeed a band of brothers.