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  1. Roenick calls for action in TV rant

    I just want to see NHL hockey again :(
  2. Who are you rooting for NOW?

    i did?
  3. What was up with that Malakhov play?

    That was actually a good one Niedermeyer... pfft. Best player in the NHL? Are you f'ing joking me? Just cause the guy is fast around the ice in a speed skating contest doesn't mean he's one of the best players in the league. Look at his statistics from this year, they're really not that impressive. Since JR won the shooting accuracy contest I suppose that automatically qualifies him as one of the best in the league too eh.. and Sammi Kapanen won the speed contest a few years back as well so he must be #3 in the league Niedermeyer, give me a break. It's not hard to stand out when you play on a team of no-talent-trappers. The 'dynasty' is over. Go back to the swamp. Stevens is a real tough guy too! He gets a medium grade concussion and can't recover from the symptoms in all these months. JR goes down with a *severe* concussion, his ninth of his career and a jaw shattered in 10 places by a 90+ mph slap shot, and he's back on the ice less than a month later. Tough guy. Time to retire, old man.
  4. What was up with that Malakhov play?

    So this is just a circle-jerk for Devils fans? I figured you might be a little more open minded to dissenting opinions, I apologize. And I'd love to go back to "Phithadelphia" but I don't live there. Enjoy your rings though, they're sure to get more since the team is so stacked with talent and all Face it.. the Devils have two good hockey players. Two. Brodeur and Elias, and that's it. It takes more than that to survive in the NHL these days. Gomez is skilled but overrated and inconsistent. The Flyers have FOUR *good* lines. Try and tell me that Burns wouldnt trade his first line for the Flyers second line, third for second, fourth for third, etc. The fact is that the Flyers don't even have defined first second and third lines because there are so many talented guys (who are finally all playing together healthy again) that now it's time to show the world who the best hockey team in the NHL is. You don't need an all-star goalie when your offensive firepower is like one of Marty's waffleboard-whackings of his wife compared to the slap on the wrist that devils bring to the ice. We'll let the players speak for themselves in games four and five... shall we?
  5. What was up with that Malakhov play?

    Speaking of which, anyone happen to watch game two, when JR was obviously interfered with from behind and taken down on a clean breakaway? It would have been nice to see Marty have a French-Canadian temper tantrum when JR made him look foolish on the penalty shot. Alas, we had to settle for a 3-2 victory instead