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  1. Game 4 score predictions

    I love how you guys all focus on punctuation. Who the hell cares. I'm not being tested on grammar skills over a NJ devils forum....although half you people seem to take everything so serious. Why don't you lighten up, its fun...try it sometime...
  2. Game 4 score predictions

    Okay first off, what are we in English class now , could , couldn't, who the hell cares...??? Anyway, atleast I know how to get the Devils fans all roundy .....Have a nice day!
  3. Game 4 score predictions

    Okay "sweet pea" I could careless if you hit ignore or not dont mean sh!t to me! and your the one that said "Ladies are foolish" ...please sweetie, I don't "disgrace our sex" All I did was come in and post what I thought the final score was going to be and you get all pissy about it....Its Okay that your team is going to lose, but don't take it out on me .... You can make fun of how we talk, but your players are too busy driving in circles to find the goal .... oh yeah .....How many games this season did the Devils beat the Flyers ... Ohhh yeah NONE!!
  4. Game 4 score predictions

    Okay Pepperkorn .... You will see who is foolish when the Flyers WIN!!! Til then don't tell me I can't stand up for my team, cuz they got it .... and just cuz i'm a girl that doesn't mean sh!t.... Yeaaaah....thanks for playing, but the language doesn't fly.
  5. Game 4 score predictions

    4-2 FLYERS!!!! YEahhh!!!
  6. What was up with that Malakhov play?

    Hey you can call it whatever you want, but were kickin ur asses!! I'd rather live in philthadelphia than the dirty jerz anyday......GO FLYERS!!!!!!!