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  1. New Jersey typical
  2. Can't ever, ever, ever hold a lead in a big game, it seems.
  3. Man, what a waste. What a giant waste of a huge chance....if only Schneider was in there. He's been up and down but that was just softie after softie out there.
  4. Biggest game of the year, really make a playoff push, and a big fat zero.
  5. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiide open legs, wow
  6. Yuge game tonight. Yuuuuuge. Bigly. Win it and try not to get lucky by virtue of a choke on an open net again, lol...I mean, I'll take another 2 point regulation win via heart attack, but I'd rather not if you can help it, Devils! LGD!
  7. Great stop, Cory!
  8. 112th goal allowed in the last 2 minutes of a period.
  9. Good goal. Overturned in 3 seconds.
  10. The overhead view makes that wave off look as dumb as humanly possible.
  11. Standing in front of the goalie is illegal if you're the Devils? That's nice.
  12. Tied 1-1 with the worst team in the league. That feels bad.
  13. Well, you can't get outshot like that forever and never pay the price. Ugh.
  14. After 20 we're 1-0 on the big board, down 19-2 in SOG, lol....
  15. Ugggggh, back to the PK...