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  1. BREAKING: Coach Burns has Colon Cancer

    hey bing- god luck- a typo but fitting none the less
  2. Will Stevens retire?

    the mystery surrounding it certainly makes one think that its more serious than if he comes back to hockey- sounds like he is dealing with much more especially if there are no reports of his well being forthcoming, because his returning is no longer an issue
  3. Will Stevens retire?

    hey EZ- yeah i gotta agree there- as much as the devils need stevens it just might not be feasible for him to come back
  4. from a flyer fan

    thanx man- i hope your coach is ok Thanks, I hope he's alright as well. I'm worried though. I mean, the series loss isn't even in my mind right now, the Stevens and Burns situations definitely overshadow it now. ...and btw -- I'm a she, not a he woops- sorry dudette and to the other poster- im a guy
  5. from a flyer fan

    I guess it all depends on how you see "nice." I mean, how exactly does a Flyers fan share a Devils fans' "pain" at this point? It's the first time the Devils have lost to Philly in the playoffs. The Devils are coming off a run of three Cups in nine seasons, and could easily with a few tweaks come back to win a fourth next season (despite Steven Levy's 'end of an era" declaration). What "pain" are we supposed to be feeling? Disappointment, sure, but we're not the ones without a Cup since the Ford aministration, nor are we the ones who measure a successful season on whether or not a monkey's been lifted off our backs in the first round. I though the notion Devils fans should be in pain, or that Flyers fans have been in the same boat as us for the last several years, was insulting. <JESTER> well i certainly didnt mean to thrust pain upon you when all you felt was disappointment. i also didnt mean to suggest that the devils first round exit equated the continued failures in the playoffs that flyers have had over the years. i also never attempted to diminish you continued success over the past decade. my mistake i guess was that i thought i understood how you felt after being eliminated in the first round. i guess i was wrong.
  6. from a flyer fan

    its tradition to shake hands at the end of a series is it not?
  7. from a flyer fan

    hadnt thought of this from the devils side- but i guess you have a good point
  8. do you guys have a size issue

    no sh*t here fellas- im interested in your opinion the devils seemed to be at a size disadvantage in this series. hits aside, you guys just didnt take up as much room as you did last year so my question is how do you respond? and do you respond assuming a stevens return or do you respond assuming he will be done? no disrespect here-im not only a flyer fan- im a hockey fan
  9. from a flyer fan

    thanx man- i hope your coach is ok
  10. from a flyer fan

    you arent in my shoes- to me this was big
  11. BREAKING: Coach Burns has Colon Cancer

    doesnt sound good- hope hes ok
  12. from a flyer fan

    first of all, anytime your team is eliminated it hurts. im well aware of your past successes as i pointed out. second, no-a second round exit would be a huge disappointment. but the devils have been such a wall for us, that meeting in the first round and winning is a big deal.
  13. Will Burns get the sack?

    and i really cant see pinning the series loss on the coaching either
  14. from a flyer fan

    just gotta say that i feel as though a huge monkey has been lifted off of the flyers back. as a flyer fan there is no other team than i hate more than your devils.(although its been fun watching the rangers circus over the years) as much crap as i talk about the devils, there are a couple of things that should be said-F marty!!, but would love to have had him for many years now F stevens!!, but if he were a flyer, he would be a very popular player-btw what the hell is going on with him? and as much as it sux to say, there are three teams that have been the teams to beat for the cup over the last decade-the avs, the wings and yes the devils. one thing you should certainly take away from this post- I am a flyer fan and because of that and because of the devils, i know your pain.