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  1. Seems like Maccagnan wants to do trades for the sake of doing them now. A 6th rounder to move down TWENTY spots, really?
  2. Terry rolling the dice and it comes up sevens, finally a late-inning win!
  3. Haha Familia Can't believe Terry actually pulled him, not that he didn't deserve it (and I actually agree with yanking him) but it's really rare to see any closer get pulled before blowing a save, especially when the rest of this pen's garbage too.
  4. The Jets are really annoying me tonight. The only thing Maccagnan can do right at the draft is take the no-brainer that falls into his lap in the first round. Are they ever going to address the offensive line? EVER? At least he sort of rebounded by taking the Alabama WR, trading down and missing out on a couple of o-linemen did annoy me at the time. And the second safety was odd to put it mildly though I would have been okay with a corner cause the secondary has been god awful for a while.
  5. The problem is having too many of those guys on one team are ultimately toxic, and chaotic - exhibit A the 2016 playoffs
  6. It has to be a troll move, or they fancy themselves the 70's Raiders.
  7. I'm sure it's done a lot but how would you ever get found out/called on it? Unless you specifically said team X made you an offer and they publicly deny it maybe.
  8. And to top that off the Bears JUST gave Glennon a big deal. To do that and trade for Trubinsky in the same offseason is mind boggling. Talk about being desperate times ten.
  9. And just to add to the nonsense this team does to shoot itself in the head apparenently they knew there was a problem with Thor a couple days ago (hence the subterfuge about him making his start then not yesterday), and yet were so preoccupied keeping it from everyone they didn't even bother to give Harvey a heads-up till three hours before gametime today
  10. Hah, this made me laugh more than it should have. It does kind of fit, they had JUST enough success to keep him around, every time he was up on the guillotine they'd go on a winning streak. It has been similar with Terry. I actually do feel for him a bit cause this season just blew up in record time for a lot of stuff beyond his control but maybe one way or another he was going to run out of lives.
  11. It was 7 but that was when they were planning on playing him Tuesday in the raw weather. This is just ridiculous though, this team literally manages injuries the George Constanza way, everything they guess is wrong. Everyone should have seen Ces should have been DL'ed, especially after being halfway through the ten days but Nooooo, we gotta get cute and try to play him cause the Nats are coming up, well now he's missing that series anyway and a lot more.
  12. Well at least Harvey waited an inning before losing it...peesh
  13. He feels it's nothing major...of course I trust players' self diagnoses as much as I trust the ones from our ACTUAL training staff and doctors. Which is a huge problem.
  14. Here we go again...
  15. For what? There's no Matz or Lugo ATM and Montero is even worse. Next man up is Gilmartin probably.