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  1. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    Yeah McCutchen would have (or should have) played RF here too just like Bruce. Really didn't make a difference on that end, either way Conforto would be playing CF. I'm not as down on Conforto playing CF as most but he has to actually you know, play first before I even have concern over where.
  2. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    The Mets won't give up their prospects in trades, and then don't develop them and actually let them play. The latest rumor is (per Rosenthal) that the Mets balked on including Brandon Nimmo in a possible McCutchen trade (before signing Bruce). That's almost more offensive to me then crying poor, if you think Nimmo's going to be a viable player - I think he's more a fourth outfielder type but vaya con dios - you don't keep him blocked from playing forever with Bruce, Conforto and Ces all under contract the next three years. It makes no sense to refuse to trade him if you're never going to play him. Heck that was the rationale for trading Fulmer, cause we had pitching depth. Maybe they felt burned by that and are now doubly concerned about keeping all their depth forever. You can't be a win now team AND have depth. Not when you don't have a limitless payroll and draft poorly.
  3. NFL 2017 Playoffs and news

    I would have only had hope of him leaving if he wasn't under contract...Kraft would have wanted like three first rounders (at minimum) to trade Billy Boy even if he did want out. Fvck, Gruden got two 1's and two 2's way back when and he didn't have ONE SB win then.
  4. NFL 2017 Playoffs and news

    Mularkey out in Tennessee lol
  5. NFL 2017 Playoffs and news

    It would except it's much more likely the big name QB wins out of those four. With the caveat that the Vikings' win is the kind of win that could really bust the curse on that franchise the way Dave Roberts did for the Red Sox.
  6. NFL 2017 Playoffs and news

    Wow wow wow...what a stupid finish. I was rooting for the Saints too, especially since they were my only hope at knocking off the Pats, but man you gotta actually feel good for Viking fans. Hope they can ride the wave all the way through and host the SB.
  7. NFL 2017 Playoffs and news

    Yeah that onside kick was one of the stupidest calls I've seen in a while. You have three timeouts and two minutes. Kick it off and don't give them a free FG try! But the Steelers deserved that downfall for all their hubrus between Mitchell, Le'veon Bell and whoever else were already mouthing that they were in the AFC Championship game. Even Tomlin himself started it weeks ago when he acted as if it wasn't even a doubt they would play again. And look the Vikings doing another Vikings. The Chiefs of the NFC
  8. NFL 2017 Playoffs and news

    Yeah thinking on it the Blues are really the better comp for the Chiefs. A year-in-year out very good regular season team that finds ways to not get over the hump.
  9. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    Yikes, I might actually be more annoyed at this than Duda, at least Duda can still kind of sort of play baseball and isn't a clubhouse malcontent (that we know of).
  10. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    Not in-season but I'm sure it could have been adjusted before the draft - then again like I said I don't play Yahoo weekly (I do play weekly in a deep dynasty Fantrax league but there the commish only has a max on goalie appearances per week because it's points scoring). I set 82-game limits for each position here.
  11. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    Your LM should have adjusted for that. And yes it’s a Yahoo league but we only have game maxes over a season, it’s not a weekly league
  12. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    I’m skeptical of Dom myself but this is another thing that annoys me about the Mets, they continually put up roadblocks for the few younger players they do have. Not that Sandyball has been that great at drafting but still, it took forever to get Rosario up here. Even after Conforto splashed onto the scene in 2015 they were looking for the escape hatch at the first sign of trouble and didn’t even have a spot for him in 2017 till Ces got hurt. It’s as if they’re even more unwilling to live with growing pains than the fans. Maybe Sandy should take a closer look at the Yankees, they don’t have issues playing younger guys. re: Dom having 150 AB or whatever it was, where he did at least hit for power, aren’t enough for me to say yeah he’ll never amount to much, just keep him in Vegas.
  13. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    By all means Sandy, bring back the one dimensional loser brigade. Let’s completely jump the shark and bring back Reyes and Walker too while we’re at it.
  14. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    Surely you jest, I was referring to Lorenzo Cain, who would have fit in CF and Citi like a glove but he’s not a Sandyball player.
  15. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    Oh I agree they should have more small ball players and I’ll roll my eyes if Cain doesn’t get much more than Bruce but by the same token the culture of baseball is going away from that as a whole and towards needing power - 2015 Royals aside but we know we’ll never have a team built that way with Sandy and company.