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  1. It really does...it takes some doing to be out of the Wild Card race by May (especially given they made the playoffs at 52-50 and 60-62 the last two years) but they're managing that. And apparently Wheeler was pulled after 6 cause he had a blister too, oy vey.
  2. And now they're wasting Tyler Pill on a relief effort so we're probably looking at ANOTHER Montero start this week After all this hemming and hawing about how they didn't want to put him on the 40-man roster, they finally put him on it for a frigging relief appearance. What was the point?! And after Pill gives it up pitching in an unfamiliar role that'll be the excuse not to use him again.
  3. He's cost himself millions this year. He's back to being the JAG he was before getting here.
  4. And by the by, Ces injured (or re-injured) his quad running the bases. Again. So his rehab is pushed back, again. No wonder they're muzzling the talk of timetables, they don't want to look even more ridiculous than they already do when medical issues blow up on them.
  5. It's just amazing Terry doesn't put him in the blowout last night when he ran up deGrom's pitch count then puts him into a one-run game tonight. His decisions have been so bizarre over the last week or so (even for him) I'm almost wondering if he's TRYING to get fired.
  6. So one day AFTER wasting another Montero start is when they finally bring up Pill, oh well praise be to minor miracles
  7. And in the latest edition of TC gonna TC, apparently the manager didn't bother to tell Montero he was starting till late this afternoon because 'he's a reliever and thus he'll get ready too quickly if we tell him earlier'. Uh Terry, Montero's BEEN A STARTING PITCHER! 110 starts in 116 minor league apperances. What, because he had a couple of bad relief outings he forgot how to prepare for a start?
  8. lol losing two of three to the mighty Padres at home. Just pull the plug.
  9. At least the price is going down lol, you know this is gonna end with him getting his last shot here although he may finally be finished I'm sure with the state of our pitching staff both sides'll find a way to finagle him one more chance
  10. Problem with canning Terry is - as usual - it's not like Sandy would be replacing him with Jim Leyland or even Bud Black (who I figured was a possibility to replace him during TC's first few years before he got another job), Sandy and company would just promote from within or hire another yes man who'll do management's bidding. For the issues I have with Terry he probably is still better than what would be behind door number two or three.
  11. Terry's bullpen management's been mind-bogglingly bad the last two nights even for him. Pitching Blevins in a five-run game last night is one thing because ostensibly he said he needed to pitch, but then he's not available tonight because of it lol...and then pulling Gsellman would be one thing except when you know you're TWO guys short in the pen (allegedly Blevins and Sewald were unavailable) you have to leave him in that extra inning, especially when your next guys out are Salas, Ramirez and Smoker.
  12. And now Smoker's the third clown in to completely blow it up...shades of Familia with Justin Upton.
  13. Because he has a high K/9 lol Means nothing when the guy can't get a freaking meaningful out though.
  14. Oh Terry, couldn't wait to get Gsellman out of there when he finally had a good start going and was only at 84 pitches through 6.
  15. lol five innings, 103 pitches. Great job of saving the pen with a 7-0 lead Matt