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  1. And he retired pretty early from what I remember, and why not with 4 SB rings and a lucrative analyst career on the horizon?
  2. It's ironic Peyton's two wins really weren't memorable offensive games.  The most memorable play of the Colts-Bears game was Devin Hester on the opening kickoff.  The most memorable play tonight was the defensive TD early. Cam not diving on that fumble was even worse than his postgame behavior. And in other news Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement on Twitter, simply by posting a pair of hanging cleats
  3. 6 Years ago today... one of the best comebacks happened

    It also turned out to be the only real high point of a poor second half of the season and playoffs, probably why I don't really look back on this game that fondly.  Plus all the post-2009 contreversy with the Russian merc doesn't help.
  4. Geez not a single post during the game?  Glad Peyton got his sunset win, even if he did very little other than watch the defense win the game again.  Cam Newton embarassed himself on and off the field today.
  5. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    Not to mention he didn't miss a shift the rest of the game.  If he was woozy the first move should have been to take him to the quiet room, if only for appearance's sake.
  6. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    The real comedy was when Jeff said this was part of our offseason plan and literally minutes apart Sandy said this came together last minute and that it he only started thinking it was possible a week ago (coincidentally around the time the hit pieces on Ces being a bad clubhouse guy stopped). Not to mention Sandy saying the fan outcry had an impact while Jeff denied it did.
  7. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    Franco wore 31 more than he wore 45 so his number is getting retired 5 will be retired and I think the only sadness around it will be A) if he goes through another few years as a meh player cause of the back and B) if he never wins a World Series.  But I think almost no matter how his career ends he'll be held in high regard by the majority of Met fans cause there's something to be said for being a homegrown lifelong Met and being an upper-echelon player for a decade more or less.
  8. Yeah although someone would have to be cut if it was just one player and a pick for a pick.
  9. Technically nobody's a keeper till rosters lock before the draft, you'd just be trading players like now. In your last example no you couldn't do that trade cause it's an uneven amount of draft picks. Your first example is an even number of draft picks (1-1) so I don't think that'd be a problem but keepers don't have round values here per se But maybe this is another thing we should vote on...
  10. Either or...you can keep someone in perpetuity or throw them back and get another keeper from the next draft/in-season pickup (though it would again only be players selected after the first few rounds that are eligible).
  11. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    They already have the '86 Championship weekend celebration set for that series.
  12. You guys are making me feel lazy with all your trades Then again two of my biggest problems (plus/minus and short-handed scoring) aren't easily fixable in trades.  I probably have too much scoring and a lack of ancilary stats (hits/blocks/plus-minus) on my defense but other than that and health for Allen I wouldn't change TOO much atm
  13. Fair enough, between your vote to hold off, 118's and my own reluctance pick trading will be held off till next preseason...sorry ayl/red.
  14. If they're disinterested enough not to vote over a two week stretch when they were all emailed and posts were made here then I don't want to hear from them either if they suddenly don't like it. Especially since this IS only a couple months before it would go in anyway. Thursday's the ASB, they have till then.
  15. See ayl, this is exactly why I didn't/don't want to change it in season. Everyone else other than 118's been for it so far but he made his no vote optional. I should have just been a pr*** and say that was enough for me but I didn't want to veto if everyone else is for it changing now and he wasn't going to protest it.