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  1. Even the Lightning burned it on Twitter lol
  2. Those are the end-of-season rosters for this year. I put strikethrough in the players who were last year's keepers and thus ineligible to be kept for the upcoming draft. Gurley isn't eligible to be kept, doesn't matter that he was dropped and picked up by you - strikethrough means he's ineligible to be kept because he was a keeper last year. The Bengals' D doesn't need to be listed because they're a FA, they aren't getting kept by anyone (same with Jordan Reed, who was my keeper and I dropped) All the non-keepers who were dropped and picked up by another team maintain their keeper round value related to where they were drafted last year. Every keeper from last year who is still on a roster (even if a different roster) has strikethrough.
  3. Geez my lead practically melted away in a week then I gain 10.5 back in a day
  4. By best you mean least awful, aside from the goaltender. Hall's been invisible for weeks though. Whether it's the injury or being beside himself because he's in a hopeless cause again he needs to snap the **** out of it.
  5. It's more and more obvious by the day why he was arguably the worst coach in NHL history assuming he actually believes the peewee nonsense he espouses.
  6. Who's become better exactly? Larsson? He's got a marginal skillset to begin with, he's a stay-at-home masher. If anything the one area the Devils have been good at is trading.
  7. The crowd was a lot more engaged than I thought they'd be the last two periods, they completely lost me at 4-0. The only reason I didn't leave after the FIRST period is I hadn't seen a few of my friends since the holiday so I stuck around to talk to them.
  8. Bishop was actually a first rounder At least the roster construction makes it likely that nobody can hoard more than two goalies, or risk having no depth elsewhere (either at forward or D) since you only have four bench spots and at least one of them are already going to your #2 goalie. Of course red's hoarding them like they're going out of style with Murray, Ward and Howard/IR to go along with Price. I always feel like every time I burn an early draft slot on a goalie it blows up on me, so I 'only' paid a keeper slot and a fifth rounder for my tandem this year. Sometimes you get what you pay for too.
  9. If I lose this league it's going to be because of my box of chocolates goaltending, which has already melted away most of my lead. I play Allen against the Preds and Canes at home and he spits the bit, I play him against the Hawks last month and he spits the bit. I don't play him against the Hawks in the Winter Classic and he plays well. And Lundqvist has spit the bit lately again too aside from the Flyer game. Watch him pitch a shutout after I bench him against CBJ though I would have thought AT LEAST one of these guys would play well but nope.
  10. If anything I heard the opposite re: Osweiler, that O'Brien didn't even meet Osweiler in person before they signed him. Which sort of suggests it was done above him. I'm sure he did want better QB's than the dreck he had last year though.
  11. Because a fourth overall pick who can actually play defense is really comparable to an overseas FA signing that's a borderline roster player who isn't a very good defender.
  12. It really is neck and neck between this and the MacLean team now but at least with the MacLean team you figured there had to eventually be a light at the end of the tunnel. This team's just down a long tunnel of darkness now.
  13. Even their perks have gone downhill too
  14. Yeah I'd be intrigued by Taylor, especially when the other options are Petty, Hackenberg, a rehabbing Geno Smith and Jay Cutler. I don't really consider Rivers an option, he'll either retire or stay in LA since it's likely he's not moving anywhere this late in his career. Romo's ticketed for Denver, that's so an Elway move and Denver makes more sense for Romo too than anywhere else. Problem is Taylor's probably getting a Brock Osweiler contract. So long as the guaranteed money's low I'd take a shot. And yeah he's only the 18th or 20th best QB but that's a big step up from 30th-32nd.
  15. And all things considered Tyrod Taylor isn't THAT bad and doesn't deserve to be thrown in with the Jets' QB slop, particularly considering the lack of receivers other than Watkins who was a shell of himself this year. Would you sign up for a 37 TD, 14 INT statline from your QB? I would, that's what Taylor's done the last two years and that's just passing. You throw in running TD's (and add fumbles) it's 47 total TD's and 20 turnovers. Last season aside we're lucky when our QB's even get to a 1-1 ratio of TD/turnovers. If Rex did have the QB play of the other nine guys on that list he'd be 4-12 or 5-11 this year.