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  1. NFL Week 3

    Yeah my taking Brady for fantasy doesn't look so bad in Weeks 2-3 lol I took the Pats this week in the little board knockout pool on top of it (didn't really want to take them against Houston but figured they wouldn't lose two home games in a row and almost all the other matchups I didn't like for one reason or another), the late rally saved me there while others took the Fins and Packers
  2. NFL Week 3

    So the Pats might actually lose two in a row at home, this week's gonna screw up some suicide pools Houston is sending a message after their horrible Week 1, they could have actually challenged the Pats in the playoffs last year if they had a QB not named Brock Osweiler, and Watson doesn't need to be a hero, he just needs to be Russell Wilson (when he actually had an o-line) type good to matter. Eh so much for that, Brady punked the GREAT Houston defense again at the death.
  3. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    I'm sure plenty of players were talking to each other off Twitter as well, what's the difference there? I can't picture Ross or any owner saying something like that but if that's true then yeah that's gross malfeasance. Why would he bother spending $10 million on a clown like Cutler if winning's not his primary objective?
  4. 2017 JETS

    Honestly for all the nonsense about how the Jets should have signed Cutler if you're actually 'trying' to win, well Cutler sucked today Thankfully the pressure of 0-16 is gone (although the fact people were talking about it in the preseason and after two lousy weeks was asinine), now they can just play football.
  5. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    lol every team in the league had some form of protest or other this week, what did the Dolphins do that was worse than anyone else?
  6. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    I wouldn't even go that far, but I loathe that Thor's coming back at less than 100% JUST to get in an inning. I get the whole 'mental block' of coming back to pitch at the ML level but come on, he's already had to start and stop his rehab. They're still coddling him. Like you said it's organizational. Sandy/Jeff should tell Thor to go scratch, we're shutting you down the way they did Harvey during his TJS year but they refuse to do so. re: Travis, in an odd way maybe they've stumbled onto some form of accountability without trying, given Plawecki hitting as well as he has, maybe that's the spur that got up Travis's ass and made him hit again. The funny thing is Travis's BA and OBP is just as awful as it was last year, it's only his power that's thankfully returned.
  7. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    The irony is non-tendering Harvey would actually save them $6 million or whatever they could use to either get a real starting pitcher that isn't damaged goods who's a year from leaving regardless, or a real bullpen pitcher that isn't A.J.Ramos I don't really get what the point is of giving him a third year to bounce back other than the sunk cost fear, that since they didn't trade him for a king's ransom when they could have, they don't want him to walk before he's absolutely going to.
  8. NFL Week 3

    So who would have thought Rams-49ers would be a shootout?! On Thursday night no less, in front of tens of thousands of empty seats Good thing for the Rams they got Fisher out of there before he could completely ruin Goff, my god the difference from year one to year two is remarkable.
  9. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    Bah my mistake, yeah I meant Sunday the 1st. Unfortunately it seems as if you drew the short straw, cause afaik only you can't make Sunday and only one other couldn't have made Monday. Hope autopick and your lists are kind to you.
  10. GDT: Heroes vs Villains 7:00 Da Garden

    A. He's an 18-year old kid who just won a game with seconds left in OT, give him a break. Heaven forbid the NHL turns into baseball where every bat flip starts a benches clearing brawl. B. Nico's goal made it 4-1 in the third period, it's not comparable at all. Not a situation for a player to go nuts in.
  11. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    Apparently Rosario has gastroenteritis lol...the hits just keep on coming.
  12. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    Yeah I think we'll probably leave it at next Sunday - the 1st (safely after our horror football festivities), and the pick limit at 75 seconds.
  13. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    That was never an issue, I just meant release the players from the unclaimed teams if we had to play with <14.
  14. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    Last signup complete, back to 14 teams this year. Hopefully the noobs remember to look for the thread here.
  15. OT: NJDevs Fantasy Hockey (all slots filled now!)

    Everyone signed up now but I'll keep you in mind if someone else drops out.