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  1. 2017 JETS

    I don't actually blame Bowles for the playcall as much as McCown for fvcking it up since they did have three timeouts and the GREAT defense couldn't stop a tortoise at that point...you're a veteran QB, don't throw the frigging ball up for grabs in your own territory. Do one of those safe checkdowns to a RB at that point.
  2. NJDevs Fantasy Football 2017 Smack Talk

    That and having one clown of a 'RB' take an early night off and making the wrong WR2 pick out of a hat. Of course Ginn only goes off when I bench him or don't have him, the ultimate fantasy whack-a-mole.
  3. 2017 JETS

    I'm back to the fvck this team let em go 4-12 mindset after that disaster today, or at least lose the next few so we can actually see Petty one more time before we have to go out and get another freaking QB this offseason. I don't really want to see Buster Skrine ever again and right now McCown can fvck off too.
  4. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    Well about as well as could be hoped for considering the circumstances, at least it's not Long or Geren.
  5. NFL Week 7

    I'm only now realizing Jets-Miami is on FOX this week Has the NFL completely eliminated the conference affiliation for the networks?!
  6. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    The Nats can probably bring back Murphy though they always defer money on every contract. Harper and Boras probably want $504 million to double the A-Rod contract so unless he's willing to defer a lot of it I doubt he stays there. I actually wouldn't be against Dusty with the Mets especially considering his strength is managing a clubhouse and this team needs that. Of course Rip Van Sandy is not bringing in another old school guy under any circumstances when he can finally get his nameless faceless analytics guy.
  7. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    If you want one year with a good team sure, but Harper and Murphy going FA after next year isn't exactly ideal. Plus it's not exactly the most stable of manager jobs.
  8. NFL Week 7

    And of course the Raiders rally back to win because...that's the NFL.
  9. NFL Week 7

    Lynch got ejected for bumping a ref. Screwed my fantasy team over in the process too
  10. NFL Week 7

    lol Marshawn Lynch, seriously bro? Well this is gonna be interesting, seeing how Goodell handles THIS contreversy...
  11. A. There's a politics board and a reason for it (even though it hardly gets use anymore). B. As has been said it's extremely unlikely the NHL gets political outside of the American-born players like Blake Wheeler perhaps (he said he'd support anyone who kneeled iirc), they have far fewer American-born players than the other sports except for baseball which also hasn't had a lot of kerfuffle over the anthem. The racial component matters too, not many non-minorities are going to feel the need to protest and hockey has far fewer minorities than any of the other major sports. C. You want to nip this stuff in the bud, make a rule BEFORE it gets out of hand like the NBA did after Mauhomad Abdul-Rauf protested the anthem a generation ago. D. If you don't want to make a rule against kneeling then don't have the athletes come out of the locker room for the anthem, the way the NFL did till 2009 when they started commercializing the anthem and soldiers, and now they're paying the piper for it. E. People say they shouldn't protest the anthem cause it isn't right and makes people uncomfortable, well that's half the freaking point. To make you uncomfortable enough to get attention for what they want to advocate for. F. The idea that sports and politics should be seperate went out the window the minute a reality TV star got elected president, or perhaps even before that when sports started using patriotism and the military for mutual gain.
  12. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    I also giggled at the above. I forgot you could have a blank cap on the plaque, that one will be interesting. Mets and KC are the only realistic options. But Beltran to me seems like the kind of guy who's going to have to wait to get into the Hall because he's going to hang around so long people mistakenly think he's a compiler, and because he's a bit under the radar in terms of the type of career he's had. He'll probably have to wait a few years till people realize, man he really put up those numbers - and without PED's? As far as CR's point about Beltran not getting much loyalty from Met fans cause of coming off like he didn't want to be here you see that now with Harvey. Met fans have always viewed him as someone who couldn't wait to leave the Mets so once there was a reason to jump off that bandwagon people trampled each other in droves, and Harvey hasn't exactly helped himself off the field either. At least Beltran never embarrassed the franchise though.
  13. NJDevs Fantasy Football 2017 Smack Talk

    lol D+...well you did go without drafting a kicker so you got docked for that. And have a keeper who went on IR. Plus the Zeke suspension was obviously factored in although it's not that great for you it keeps getting kicked down the road, now he might miss playoff games. I don't think my A draft has played like an A team till the last week or two, but Lynch/Bryant obviously haven't lived up to expectations and now Tate's out for a while so my WR2's gonna be a work in progress with Fitz as my WR1. His bye comes at a bad time next week with Tate out too.
  14. Best and worst moments in the first decade at the Rock

    This pretty much sums it up in a nutshell. There were other good and bad moments to varying degrees but you can't really argue on those two being THE best and worst so far. And yeah the Ranger loss the year before that was a royal troll but everyone knew we were in for it after not winning once in regulation against the Averys that year in thirteen games, it was just a matter of whether we'd die at home or the Garden. They actually did go out on their shield in Game 5 at least after Marty blew up the first period. But the Carolina game was so hideous it was a 'stunned you can't even speak after the game or go to sleep that night' type hurt. Although I'll say this, the stupid home finale at the end of the Lou tenure with 12000 Ranger fans booing the Devils off the ice after they clownpounded us to win the President's Cup was rock bottom for the franchise as a whole, at least in the last three decades.
  15. Best and worst moments in the first decade at the Rock

    That was during the Clemmensen run. That game was a frigging roller coaster too, we had a 5-1 lead then wasted it, and before I was even finished with my rant after the Rangers tied it at 5 we scored to go back into the lead and won 8-5. I think Renney was actually waving him off the ice at 5-1 but Lundqvist would have none of it and stayed out there lol.