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  1. Eh it's silly arguments like this that's the reason I rarely post in this part of the forum anymore. Does it really matter who starts a GDT? It's just the first post in however many, I don't think there's some monetary reward for being a threadstarter here. If Derek had posted my preview/thoughts in post #2 would it actually have been any different? If you want to argue about him posting from his blog at all - albeit only my stuff - take it up with DM, but where in a thread he posts in (and what time of day it's posted) seems a bit of a frivolous thing to argue over imo. It's not like he made a completely off-topic post to open the GDT either. Plus he posts a link, it's not like anyone has to read it. Everyone knows by now he posts my stuff here, and he says that's what it is in his post. I don't link my stuff cause it's not my site and because writing there's more or less a hobby for me, basically an extension of posting on a board. Plus I don't really want to push my stuff here if I'm not an everyday poster in the hockey folder. Granted neither is Derek these days but it is his site and he wanted to get traffic for my stuff. Obviously for his Ranger stuff he'll go on Ranger boards for that or wherever.
  2. It's not some December game against Colorado, it was a four-point game that basically ended any realistic chance of staying in the playoff race. Which I get you would rather see them tank anyway, but if you're theoretically trying to make the playoffs at a certain point you have to make moves to try to win that particular game. It's not as if Cory himself hasn't gotten early yankings this year.
  3. The tankers definitely got their wish...we care more about the Albany playoff run than the Devils. And yeah I know making the playoffs only meant we'd get killed by the Caps anyway, but how about at least striving for a couple months of big games for the young players to play in! Yeah yeah I know...dat draft position. Big deal in a draft without a franchise player where you basically have to win a top two lottery spot to get a sure difference-maker.
  4. You know if this wasn't the 98% of regular season games that aren't must win I'd have been fine with starting Keith after Cory's workload the night before. But whatever semblance of the season you had left was on the line tonight, you HAVE to go balls to the wall playing with Cory. Not playing him was asinine and Keith's so-called effort was just as asinine.
  5. Merrill's recent play has been encouraging...but I'm still not convinced he can stay out of a body cast for more than a month or so at a time.
  6. Problem is all three of those guys are at least one pairing higher than they should be. Lovejoy's a second-pairing (at most) guy on the first pair. Moore's a third pairing (and that's probably generous) guy on the second pair. And Quincey's a #7 defenseman on the third pair. Heck you could argue they're all two pairings too high but there isn't much to be done about that until Severson learns there's more to playing defense than creating offense, or they decide Santini's ready for those kind of minutes.
  7. I wasn't expecting that since he was only here four years (though in the organization for more) but he was a popular Devil everywhere but message boards lol. He got a nice ovation too. Glad hockey justice was done killing off those two terrible calls with the shorthanded goal in the second period and the late penalty kill...figures fvcking Rooney tries to screw us over again.
  8. Even if it turns out he was provoked/did nothing wrong, WHEN OH WHEN will these athletes ever learn that nothing good comes from being out past 1 in the morning?!
  9. It's in the settings...about a week after (March 9).
  10. Well that's not why they're starting early (even for Spring Training), it's the dopey WBC. Usually ST does start about a week later and ST games would start right at the end of the month. I don't even know how many Mets are going to be involved in the WBC though, I just know Cabrera threw a sh!tfit about being left off Venezuela. I don't know whether to be meh or worried that Thor put on 17 pounds of muscle and said he wants to throw even harder. To me that's like tempting the gods to strike him down with an arm injury, it's not like he was some soft tosser before
  11. You were 8-0? You must not have gone to the Rock since Thanksgiving I started the season 7-0-1, I was 0-6-1 after that before tonight
  12. Only sort of Mets related but one of the best known beat guys is leaving
  13. Well at least we don't have to play the what if game with Dan Quinn now, he would have fit right in too
  14. And Blevins back too, one year $6 million - hallelujah.
  15. A lot of Blue Jackets always play well against the Devils. But at the rate it's going they'll astound the world and beat Columbus tomorrow despite getting outshot 44-21, then lose 4-1 to Buffalo at home on Monday