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  1. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    It's a 1-1 deal Duda for Smith. Supposedly Smith had some teams asking about him, but he's only pitched a handful of innings above A-ball. And of course the Mets being the Mets, no Dom promotion imminent. Poor Jay Bruce to 1B tonight.
  2. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    And now Duda's been told it's official though we don't know if Smith's the only piece the Mets are getting back. Kind of a meh return for a meh rental so I guess fair enough - they could use another bullpen piece and Smith's had good numbers in the minors this year.
  3. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    And another possible destination for Cabrera goes by the boards as Boston trades for Eduardo Nunez while Rip Van Sandy is trying to justify the last two weeks being a reason not to sell
  4. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    Well it was nice while it lasted for the two months he was actually decent...now it's back to same sh!t different year
  5. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    lol and they come back from the 5-0 hole with Wlimer hitting a walkoff. Trying to fool Sandy into not selling
  6. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    Jesus Terry managing as if there's no tomorrow and we're in a playoff hunt trying to squeeze a five-out save from Reed pitching a third straight day and he obviously had nothing so he had to pull him
  7. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    Despite another useless win the hits just keep on comin'
  8. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    The funny thing is I like TJ, but he doesn't even fit the Sandy offensive profile (take walks, hit HR's) and they didn't want him anywhere near the field three months ago.
  9. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    If this is true lol Sandy, we ain't getting jack done. I mean I like TJ but you only need one of him or Wilmer anyway, having both is a bit redundant.
  10. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    The first domino finally falls
  11. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    Yeah that wouldn't shock me, more because of having the post-ASB homestand here than any fantasy of winning ten in a row. It's certainly heading that way where teams are getting their business done before July 31. If this rumored Yankee deal with Frazier and the two relievers comes to pass that probably takes them out of the market for anything. The Nats just traded for two relievers too.
  12. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    Scuttlebutt on NYFS is Cabrera's not the only disgruntled infield vet. Nothing really to substantiate it other than one longtime poster with a source who has friends in the industry, basically it's a game of telephone. But would it shock me if, say Duda was also disillusioned about being a placeholder for Dom/Bruce in a lost season? No. Would it shock me if Flores was a bit cranky over not really getting an everyday chance? No. Reyes is probably the only guy on the infield that's happy right now lol
  13. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    You can tell when it's Sunday, another home blowout.
  14. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    Mets destroying the Rockies again. They could actually be five out in the loss column by tomorrow night <shudder> The only thing that seems to get this team to respond is Sandy publicly threatening to sell off, this is now the second time they've gone on a mini-roll after Sandy throws out the trade everyone stick.
  15. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    Memo to Sandy: Dealing with the Yankees isn't the end of the world. The best GM in baseball just did a major crosstown trade.