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  1. It's been a long time since I posted but I heard Steve Somers say on WFAN last night (Tuesday) that he'll be doing his show from the CAA on Friday and talk to Scott Stevens before the Devils broadcast. He said he's going in respect of Stevens and the Devils organization. Somers will be on Friday from 6:30-7:20 PM. You can call and ask him tonight if you're not sure. Speaking as a Caps' fan, I hope the Devils and their fans do him justice and blow the roof off on Friday.
  2. Rule changes slide forward

    What if they for some reason score and win...
  3. Primeau a Legend?

    Anything Clement says about any Flyer, Avalanche, or Red Wing is he "is the best __________________ in the NHL." As a poster on another board once said, "Clement thinks every play is the the greatest play in the history of hockey." I can't remember the source but I always think of that statement when I think of Clement saying something that sounds overboard. BTW, I think "Milan Hejduk is one of the greatest snipers of all time".
  4. I'm glad to see you guys are more than hockey fans

    I'm sorry. It was meant as a backhanded jab at ESPN. Nice to see that even though there are hockey fans they still are sports fans and recognize a great game in another sport. I wish more people would do that with hockey and analyze things objectively. "Is fully tranquilized and feels better."
  5. If I want basketball coverage I'll go to "The Worldwide Leader in NBA coverage". Listening to Scott and Van Pelt after the Laker game Thursday made me want to regret ever bothering the "Mike Emrick should be hired by ESPN thread". That idea for a thread was an insult to Doc who is more professional on Devils games than any of those NBA fans on"SportsCenter. Listening to "Dumb and Dumber", you would have thought the Lakers/Spurs game was one of the greatest games ever but it wasn't! Even Steve Czaban, a sports show host here in DC who always talks basketball and never talks hockey, said it was bad. I even sat down to watch and then listen to the game when my cable went out and it was terrible. If we're going to complain about ESPN's hockey coverage let's complain about "SportsCenter" as well. They're a bunch of hypocritical NBA fans turned jackasses! Again I apologize to all Devils fans for suggesting that ESPN should hire Doc for their hockey coverage. That was an insult to Doc's professionalism, class, and integrity. Things ESPN will never have. "Is about to grab tranquilzer gun and shoot himself!"
  6. Need some help

    Go to NHL.com and there you will find the entire overtime from game six and a replay of the Tucker hit.
  7. Official Game Day Thread - Avs at Sharks Game 5

    Well, I had the game on and since nobody was replying in the other thread I just decided to give updates. BTW, Calgary just scored w/ 3:53 left (Conroy from Iginla) and Yzerman got drilled in the eye with a shot. He wasn't looking and it hit someone in front and deflected right to his eye.
  8. Official Game Day Thread - Avs at Sharks Game 5

    12:02 left 2nd period- CGY 0 DET 0 Each team just had an abbreviated PP and did not connvert. Lidtsrom has played closed to 13 minutes already.
  9. Official Game Day Thread - Avs at Sharks Game 5

    If anyone cares Flames/Wings is scoreless after 1 period. Flames controlled the first ten minutes as they just kept the puck in the Detroit zone time after time. Then, in the latter ten minutes the Red Wings controlled play. Shots are 8-7 CGY w/ 6 of the last 7 to Detroit (had chances on late pp). I'll update you after the 2nd period.
  10. Wake up people!

  11. Senators fire Coach Martin

    Just woke up from a nap to hear Martin is fired. I think it was necessary in that Martin had everything (except a good goalie in game seven...) and couldn't make it happen. To me, they just don't seem to want the pressure. In games 5 and 7 (even w/ bad goals by Lalime), they were waiting for something to happen instead of making it happen. They should be as good and as tough as the Leafs w/ the additions of Varada and Ray but they have I guess this timidness that is death in the playoffs. Last year, should have been a stepping stone for them but they took nothing from the series vs. the Devils. They still don't have the hunger and will to win in the playoffs. I think Keenan would be a good idea or maybe Quenneville but this team needs a kick in the ass from somebody.
  12. forum topics

    Hi, my name is Art and I was wondering if anyone near New Jersey knows why the hell ESPN doesn't hire Mike Emrick to do some games when he's not doing your team's games. He's by far the best in the U.S. (...haven't watched CBC so I wouldn't have a informative opinion on their announcers) and ESPN just sends to the third-best ABC game and usually a game on the west coast! It's not fair that we can't listen to the best hockey announcer calling the most important games. Who the hell are making these decisions? Dumb and dumber? It's a joke if I turn on my TV Thurs./Fri. and not hear Doc on one of these series. Seriously, who the hell decided Steve Levy and Gary Throne are better than Doc. Thank god NHL Radio has Doc doing the conference finals but I can't get those games because the stupid "sports" radio station in D.C. airs only NBA and Baltimore Orioles baseball and they don't even talk about the Orioles. Gimme a break! Someone help me out! Thanks for letting me vent. BTW, if you hear a loud bang outside ESPN's studios that's me throwing my damn TV at their satellite dish when the playoffs are over!