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  1. Yankees reach "breaking point"

    The other problem is the Red Sox don't lose ball games anymore.
  2. Gomez gets 1 yr @ $2.9 mill at arbitration

    Ridiculous! The Devils weren't supposed to win in 1995 or 2000. They weren't supposed to be "talented" enough to compete with the Wings/offense of Dallas. 2003 was a plesant suprise and the Devils hardly had the talent they did in 95 or 00.Make no mistake, when you have a goalie by the name of Martin Brodeur on your team you ALWAYS have a chance to win it all.
  3. Spectors Trade Rumors 7/18/04

    Without a doubt this is the worst Gomez trade rumor ever. EVER! Scott for Rob Nieds is a laughable. If this happens I'll personally drive to the CAA and stick my size 11/2 boot up Lou's butt.
  4. Scott Niedermayer files for arbitration

    sh!t! Thats all I have to say right now.
  5. 3. John Madden, C, New Jersey Devils If you think Devils GM Lou Lamoriello is cheap, think again. Rather, Lamoriello is smart. He identified Madden as a key component to his team and re-signed him to five-year deal worth $20M on July 2. Among the game's best defensive pivots, the 31-year-old Madden goes head-to-head with an opponent's top offensive players on a nightly basis. Lamoriello was well aware of Madden's value to the Devils and he didn't let him get away. . . . 8. Richard Matvichuk, D, New Jersey Devils With Scott Stevens' return still in doubt due to injury and not wanting to rush second-year D-man David Hale, Lamoriello added some experience and toughness to his back line by signing the career Star. Matvichuk, 31, had fallen out of favor in Dallas in recent years and is coming off a mediocre season. Still, ex-Stars (Neal Broten, Joe Nieuwendyk, Jamie Langenbrunner, Grant Marshall) seem to fit nicely with the Devils. Matvichuk's four-year deal calls for an affordable base salary of $1.8M per season. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/columns/stor...k_ej&id=1840507
  6. Devils Schedule

    Last year the home opener was tough being Game 7 of the Yanks/Sox was on the same night. But there was no way I was going to miss the banner raising. Hopefully both schedules will work out better this year. Two years in a row opening at home against the Leafs. *yuk*
  7. Brian Murray to take over as Sens coach?

    I can already see Pat Quinn shaking his hand as the Leafs oust the Sens in round 1 again next year.
  8. Which devils cup was your favorite?

    Tough call. The first is always special but for me I'd have to say 2003. In '95 after the run we had the year prior I was kind of expecting it. Even though the "powerful" RedWings stood in the way I didn't feel anyone could stop that team. 2000 with the A-Line, Mogilny, Lemieux coming back it all just seemed to fal into place. I remember telling one of my friends back in January that the Devils were going to win it all that year. That team was extremely talented and once they got the monkey of losing in the first round off their back I knew they were going to have a special run. But last year was a total suprise. I never expected it. Came out of no where for me. I really didn't know what to think going into last season. Besides the fact I was at game 7 of the SCF being that was a year I never expected a Cup championship made it the most special for me.
  9. NHL working toward shorter schedule

    I don't like this idea very much. There are many factors I think the league is failing to see when coming up with this decision. First from a personal stand point I enjoy going to the CAA to see the Avs, Wings, Oilers etc. It means nothing to me playing the Rangers 8 times. Over the last few years the appeal isn't there for me anymore. I used to be totally pumped to play them now it's just....oh we play the Rangers tonight. And I can really do without having to play the Pens, Canes etc....more than we already do. I do like the idea of playing the Flyers, Leafs, Sens, Bruins more so there is a bit of a double edged sword. But never seeing a team from the West unless you make the Finals is just wrong. But here are a few things that I think make for a bad idea by the NHL. 1. Say the Coyotes do draft Ovcheckin. And he does become the type of player everyone is projecting. Other than TV we will never have a chance to watch him live. IMO this is murder for the league because there are elite players in both the East and West that us as fans will never get to see live. 2. Instead of playing most Western/Eastern teams twice why not play each other once a year. Example if in 2004-05 the Devils visit SJ in 05-06 SJ visits NJ. You can alternate years so fans can still see teams they enjoy watching. 3. Classic goalie match-ups like Brodeur/Roy will be no more. I used to love watching these 2 battle. Now even though Roy is no longer playing those types of matchups which add some excitement to the regular season are gone. 4. Not having the Canadien teams face each other just seems totally insane. Edmonton would never see Tor/Ott/Mon and vice versa. Just think of all the great players in both Conferences that the fans will never get to see play live again. I just think it's bad for a league that is struggling with a fan base to begin with. You are now limiting who they can pay to see. No other sport does this. Hockey with all their troubles shouldn't be the one to start it. Why not do a baseball/football type deal? You can play one division from a opposing conference every few years? 04-05 NJ can play the Pacific. 05-06 Central 06-07 NorthWest and just rotate that. Just my 2 cents but I think this is a bad idea for the league.
  10. Yeah I know

    Thanks again for the welcome guys. Lol Don.
  11. Official Game Day Thread Habs at Lightning Game 2

    1-0 TB early
  12. NFL Draft

    G-men took a hit on this one. IMO they gave up way to much for Eli.
  13. Yeah I know

    Thanks guys. I'll be checking in during the off-season. This feels like such a long summer already.
  14. The Official Trade Freisen NOW Thread...

    I'd give Friesen at least till the trade deadline next year. Lets see if he can bounce back from this year and see how he plays along side Parise. Maybe the poor season he had will push him to prove that this season was a just a "off" year. Maybe he will turn it around, maybe not. If not then strongly consider dealing him. I'd give him one last shot.
  15. Yeah I know

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I know I'm a little late for this since the season is over and all but I'm having some serious Devil withdrawal. I only found out about this site recently from my brother (Jersey Devil) He put in the good word and told me to join so here I am. As long as he doesn't hog the cpu on me I'll be looking foward to posting with you guys during the 2004-05 season. (Hopefully there will be one) Well I'll keep this short and see you all around on the boards. LETS GO DEVILS