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  1. dano

    He also made an appearance at an ALS walk (Lou Gerhig's disease) this past Sunday in Liberty State park. A nice surprise..I wasn't aware he would be there to start off the walk... He really seems to be is a great guy with a big heart
  2. autographs or photo seekers

    I just heard on the radio that Colin White and Grant Marchall will be at James Toyota in Flemington this weekend signing autographs and taking pictures. I believe they said Saturday but i'm not too sure. Just thought I'd put this info out there.
  3. Ticket Deal 10/18/03 V. Tb

  4. Ticket Deal 10/18/03 V. Tb

    Here is a stupid question ...what is "the market place"? I'd like to check it out but I haven't got a clue.
  5. Will Dano's # Be Retired?

    Just wondering if anyone has heard if Ken Dano's # will be retired. When do you think this will happen. Do you think they'll have a short ceremony before a game?
  6. Dvd Release Party???

    I was listening to Z-100 (or NJ 101.5 one of these stations) and they announced that they will be having a contest and the winner gets to go to a DVD release party, to release the Stanley Cup Champions 2003 DVD. They said many of the devil players will be in attendance. Has anyone else heard this? Does anyone else know where it is? or how to go if you can't win from the station?