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  1. Elias' salary

  2. Gold Medal Game Thread

    where are you listening to the game?
  3. Report: Modano accepts USA invitation

    Has anyone heard if any of these games are going to televised in the US?
  4. Bad news: Elias has Hep. A

    I had seen something about this in the Czech papers DenikSport and Sportonoviny but was unable to get a good translation through internet translation sites. It did sound like he was pretty sick. If anyone knows how to read Czech and can translate them I will post the address to the few that I saw.
  5. Elias article needs translation

    Would like to get help to get a translation on this article from a Czech newspaper. Seems to be an article about Patrik Elias and hockey in Canada, but I could be wrong. www.deniksport.cz/clanek397590.htm I think in the past hockeyrodent has translated some things, maybe this could be fowarded. Thanks
  6. Can Anyone Translate?

    Thanks so much for trying. I hope we can get a response.
  7. Can Anyone Translate?

    I found this article on a Czech News website. It appears be about Elias and Sykora, at least the names are mentioned and a picture. If anyone can translate it, here is the link: http://www.deniksport.cz/Clanek390810.htm I hope this works. Thanks
  8. Primeau a Legend?

    Is Keith Primeau really a legend? According to the announcers on the game he is. They are favoring the Flyers once again.
  9. One for the Elias girl

    Trying to get to the archives board to find the translation but it keeps coming up that it can't be displayed. Has anyone else tried and been successful at finding it.
  10. One for the Elias girl

    Does anyone still have the translation from this article?
  11. One for the Elias girl

    I assume this was off of e-bay. How COOL!
  12. One for the Elias girl

    You are lucky! How did you get your hands on this?