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  1. Don't count out Leetch-Ranger redux

    As much as i love leetch, unless there is a trade in the works, the rangers just dont have room for him at this point. Malik, Rozsival, Rachunek, Ward, Tyutin, Kasparaitis, and Pock are already 7. If they wanted to trade Rozsival and sign leetch fro a year until staal is completely ready, i could maybe see this, as much as id like it, i doubt it happens.
  2. mp3 players

    I have a toshiba laptop, and a toshiba TV because i got good deals on both, generally when it comes to electronics i am a Sony person, hopefully my toshiba stuff holds up, so far i like them both a lot and haven't had any problems.
  3. mp3 players

    There are actually a few out there in that size range, made by Creative, iRiver, Samsung, and Sansa that i know of off hand, I work at best buy and know we carry those, so you could maybe check out best buy's website. Also, i dont know how much you are looking to spend, but in some cases, you are getting 2 gigs for 200, or 4 gigs for 250, when you can get a 30 gig iPod or another one like it for only 300. As fas as your problems with creative, i was unaware that there were issues like this, i actually just replaced my old mp3 player with the Creative vision:m. Also, stay away from phillips mp3 players.
  4. NJDevs Roller/Floor Hockey ???

    noon sounds good, we have a second goalie this time too
  5. NJDevs Roller/Floor Hockey ???

    im in of course, df26 and i are gonna try to bring more people this time, shouldnt be too hard as long as it doesnt rain.
  6. NJDevs Roller/Floor Hockey ???

    well can he come? if not well get another
  7. NJDevs Roller/Floor Hockey ???

    we are two days away from the game, is everyone here still in? df26 and i have a few people coming. my other question, is do we have a second a goalie? if not df26 and i should be able to get one, just lemme know. also, we have any idea how many people we have for this?
  8. NJDevs Roller/Floor Hockey ???

    ill request off tomorrow, let the games begin.
  9. NJDevs Roller/Floor Hockey ???

    the 24th sounds good to me, if we are gonna do t hsi day, lets all agree on this day ASAP, so that i can request off from work, and everyone else can make the necessary preperations.
  10. French Open

    its a shame that andy dropped out today, i was kinda dissappointed, but he wasnt playing well anyway. I htink federer is going to win it for he men. If nadal wins it, thats 70 in a rwo on clay, he already has the record, i just dont see him gettin 70. also, i think federer will throw all he has at nadal, he doesnt really like to make losing to people a habit.
  11. NJDevs Roller/Floor Hockey ???

    june 17th is a no go for df26 and I... pick anyother day lol.
  12. NJDevs Roller/Floor Hockey ???

    i played in the original, and ill play in this one as well. the rink doesnt matter a whole lot to me, whatver is easiest for everyone. i know df26 will definiteily be in as well. i can play just about any day, just so long as i get a week or two heds up so i can make sure i get off from work.
  13. Champions League Final

    i watched the match, i agree, the officiating was vary lacking, ronaldhino was also kinda of dissappointing in the match.
  14. Phillies Catch

    yea that was an amazing catch, broke his nose and fractured a few bones in his face. In an ironic side note, he asked for padding to be put on the fences a few weeks ago, the phillies agreed, and the pad was set to be put on in the next two weeks...
  15. Yikes - PS3 is EXPENSIVE

    the reason its so expensive is because of the blu ray technology. a blu ray player by itself will be almost this much money if not more, much like when ps2 was the cheapest way to get a dvd player at $300. hd dvd players now are $500. the $500 ps3 has no hdmi output and can only got up to 1080i no 1080p, so it is actually worth it to pay hte 6 rather than the 5. overall, sony will have a better game lineup long run imo and the wii also looks to be on the right track this time, much better than gamcube.