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  1. Music thread

    CLUTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know where you're located, but they are playing at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg PA April 17th.. TINY, but AWESOME venue!
  2. NJ Devils Viewing Party: Sussex County Round 2

    I believe someone previously suggested trying to get the downstairs area as theres more room / seating? With the Pool Tables / limited bar seating, it doesn't leave much in the way of room if it were to get any bigger.. FWIW, if any of the locals are ever down for going on a "non-viewing party" night to watch a game, let me know, I'm always down!
  3. NJ Devils Viewing Party: Sussex County Round 2

    I'm not speaking for everyone but maybe Saturday may be more Drinking friendly for those who work Monday?? By either is good!
  4. NJ Devils Viewing Party: Sussex County Round 2

    Im down for either!
  5. Concerts

    I would have gone to Roseland, but I'm going with my Tattoo Artist, who is in PA... so its kinda 50/50... Im REALLY excited to see Opeth as I've not seen them before, and theyve been on heavy rotation in my playlist recently. This will be the 2nd time I've seen Mastodon.. The first was at Starland Ballroom with Between The Buried And Me about 2 years ago... Musically they were on point... Vocally they had a bit to be desired.. Although that could have been the Crack The Skye material.. I think The Hunter will translate into a better live show. Speaking of BTBAM, THAT is an absolute insane show.. (Ive seen them twice)
  6. BEER

    I figured as much! Nice call on the Rogue Hazelnut earlier in this thread... Rogue is good stuff!! The Double Chocolate Stout is a personal fav...
  7. BEER

    Reddit, Beer, and hockey!! ALMOST everything you could want in one place! Btw Quinn, I think your estimate was 5 months and 29 days too long, but I passed! Haha
  8. Concerts

    I'll be going to Ghost / Opeth / Mastodon in Philly (Boo!!) April 9th, and Clutch on April 17th at Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg PA. It's a very small venue, just perfect for a Clutch show!! @Microwavepizza, that Tool show was my 6th.. They get infinitely better each time I've seen them... (With the exception of the interlude during 'Sober.. Did not like that...)'
  9. Anyone read Reddit?

    Reddit = crack!! Also... Subscribing to the subreddit now!
  10. Does anyone know how long validation usually takes? I've been signed up to these forums for almost 24 hours and I have 0 capability....

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      BTW, 6 Months is a long time... See you next season! haha

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      Sorry. Dang Russian spammers can read english now and have defeated the spambot safeguards. Have to verify all accounts now.

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      C'mon DM! The Rooskies just wanna follow their kin on the BEST NHL TEAM!!