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  1. GDT: Devils vs Rangers 3/6/12

  2. GDT: Devils vs Rangers 3/6/12

    If you're ever in Chicago, The Boundary in Ukrainian Village did us well last night. They've got Center Ice, good looking bartenders, excellent chicken fingers and they were playing Ted Leo. Also, we won, so they're probs 1-0 when Devils fans are there haha.
  3. Stuff Devils Fans Don't Say

    "HEN-RIK!" oh wait...
  4. GDT: Devils vs Rangers 3/6/12

    Eh, it might be a hockey city (yet to really see that though... came through Windsor and Detroit, everyone there had something to say about my Elias jersey lol) a lot of places don't want to Poni up for Center Ice... we tried a couple places the other day and they only got the Hawks which I don't mind, but they're no NJD Also, it's 67 here today. The WTF winter has spread much further than the tri-state area haha
  5. GDT: Devils vs Rangers 3/6/12

    Anyone know a good place to watch out of town games in Chicago?
  6. Should We Claim Rolston

    rather have pando
  7. GDT: Tampa Bay Lightning @ New Jersey Devils

    Not many breaks going the boys' way today, but Poni continues to impress and we got our first taste of Zid. I like how Marek jumps up in the play and the chemistry he's already seemingly got with Elias and Sykora, but anyone else afraid he may get caught out of position in future games by heading so deep into the offensive zone?
  8. Gordie Howe Signing

    Any interesting conversation with Mr. Hockey?
  9. Devils interest in Dustin brown

    With the top line clicking the way they are, Henrique is going nowhere. Would make no sense to upset that right now. Clarkson could be a sell high candidate with his beastly play this season, but after the heart he displayed in Toronto the other night, why would you flip a character guy like that when you're looking to make a playoff run? Can't imagine there's much of a market for Tedenby given he is undersized and did not perform well when he was up, but maybe in a package deal + Urbom, Tao, Burlon or Merrill. Bonus would be getting rid of Fayne or Tallinder. If we were able to get Kovalchuk with Bergfors, Oduya, Cormier and a pick, is it unreasonable to think a similar package wouldn't fly for Brown?
  10. Marek zidlicky traded to Devils.

    Zidlicky for Tedenby, straight yup.
  11. The David Clarkson Museum of Falling

    If you don't know, now you know... http://clarksondown.tumblr.com/ Send submissions to @lobster_dog, @jamcanssen, or @clarksondown