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  1. Parking Question at Arena

    Hi, I have a parking pass for Saturdays game.....does that mean I have to park in that garage or can I use it to park anywhere? Thanks, Lisa
  2. Ken Daneyko Night 3/24

    Bruce Driver Pat Verbeek Randy Velisheck Bobby Carpenter Pat Burns Chico
  3. Vancouver's closing ceremony's "presentation"

    He is paralyzed and it is tradition for the next city's mayor to waive the olympic flag after the host city's mayor waived the flag. He didn't want his handicap to prevent him from doing it so he designed a way to hold the flag on his wheelchair and waived it. Lisa
  4. GAME THREAD: 11/3 Rangers at Devils

    I agree. Even though they are pissing me off we are playing without our goalie, top defenseman and top scorer. And why does it take till there is 8 minutes in the game left for them to start picking it up? Lisa
  5. Game Thread: Devils vs. Lightning

    TSN report had one devil who didn't want to be identified say that it doesn't look good in regards to Marty's injury. Lisa
  6. OLN Cablevision Subscibers

    I am not 100% sure but I think this just applies to the OLN exclusive games on Mondays/Tuesdays plus some playoffs. The devils are still on FSNY and MSG but am not sure how that applies to the DISH network. Lisa
  7. OLN Cablevision Subscibers

    Looks like those of us who have cablevision and want to pay for OLN won't be able to even get the games as they will be blacked out. http://www.newsday.com/sports/hockey/ny-sp...ockey-headlines Lisa
  8. http://www.nhlpa.com/WebStats/PlayerSearch...sp?OIDTeam=9486
  9. What is our current lineup and salaries?

    This is the The bergen record from the other day with numbers. They originally thought Kozlov, Brown and Hrdina wouldn't be qualified. I figured the devils are at 32 mil already without Nieder, Stevens and Rafalski. I have a feeling Lou will be making some trades. Lisa ----------------------------------------- QUALIFYING TIME: Although Lamoriello wouldn't discuss which of his restricted free agents have been tendered qualifying offers, The Record has been able to confirm only Viktor Kozlov (owed $1.748 million), Jan Hrdina ($1.824 million) and Sean Brown ($450,000) have not. Already qualified are Brian Gionta ($570,000), Jamie Langenbrunner ($1,655,128), Colin White ($1.71 million), Patrik Elias ($4.18 million), Scott Gomez, ($2.204 million), Jeff Friesen ($2.28 million), Paul Martin ($501,600) and David Hale ($501,600). With all those players locked up, it appears unlikely that Kozlov and Hrdina will be back. Teams have until midnight Sunday to qualify their restricted free agents. Otherwise, they become unrestricted.
  10. For those that have News 12 the Jersey Sports Final has a very nice piece on the Devils first Stanley Cup win including new interviews with some of the players like Dano, Driver, Chorske, Carpenter and Dowd. It will be 10 years this friday from the first win. Lisa
  11. Gomer is going to be on the Michael KAy show in a few minutes for those that want to catch the interview. Lisa
  12. Horrible, horrible news....

    The live game is what got me hooked. Every year my brother and father would get tickets for a few games from his work and one year they couldn't go so they gave the tickets to my mother and I. We didn't really want to go and said that we would leave after the second period. Needless to say it was a Devils-Flyers game in 86 or 87 with Hextall in goal and we have been Devils fans ever since. I take my friends to games all the time and they can't believe how much better it is in person :-) Lisa
  13. Kozlov Signed for Next Year???

    On the NHLPA website it lists Kozlov's salary for 2004/2005 as 2,300,000.00......I guess that means that he has signed a new contract? I think he was a restricted free agent, right? Lisa
  14. Pandolfo Re-signs with Devils