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  1. Hi everyone! I promise this is the last time I will bother you, as I am leaving this wonderful research job on Tuesday to chase down kids at a summer camp instead... Anyhow, the last piece of information I am looking for is about roster sizes. I know that the CBA in 1994 set a roster limit of 24 and a bench of 20, and at some point that has been lowered to 23 (as was allowed in the CBA). So, here is what I am wondering: When did the roster limit lower from 24 to 23? What was the roster limit prior to the 1994 CBA? I am concerned with the size during the 1988-89 season through the 1998-99 season... I have searched the internet high and low, and cannot seem to find this information--if you are willing to help me out, I would be very grateful-- Thanks! Betsy
  2. Lines from past seasons

    Roughly, the study is looking at international players in the NHL and how it effects the success of teams. There are seemingly a thousand other minute details we are also studying, one of which includes how the line decisions are made, how international players interact on lines, etc. I am merely a research assistant on this project, so I can't really tell you why the founders of the project chose hockey, although they have probably told me in the past (I believe it has something to do with the trend of hockey players travelling here to play after the fall of the Iron Curtain). BUT, I found and am working on this project because, like the good northern MN girl that I am, I grew up playing hockey, and love the sport more than anything else...the concept of getting to paid to learn more about hockey is the craziest and best thing in the world to me. Longer answer than you asked for, I am sure...sorry. Anyone else have any line info to throw at me? Thanks!
  3. Lines from past seasons

    Can you please tell me the players on the A-line and the crash line? Thanks! Also, you are right, this is the ultimate devils trivia question, and I know all of you must have a few random lines stored up there in your brain, your favorite players from 1992 or something. Please tell me! Thanks... Betsy
  4. Lines from past seasons

    Hi everyone, I'm a university student working on a hockey research project, and I have a couple questions that I know a long time Devils fan can answer. I am wondering about player lines and defensive pairs for the 1988-89 season through the 1998-99 season. Does anyone remember the players on any line for the Devils in any of these seasons? What about defensive pairs? It's a long time period, I know, but if you even know that these three players played on the first line for any season, for example, I would really appreciate the information...thanks! Betsy