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  1. Anyone else having trouble getting to McCanner's?

    Email me at my site email address if you use MSN.
  2. Anyone else having trouble getting to McCanner's?

    Everything's alright again now. Server switch. My buddy hosts my site and the price is a few beers every once in a while. He sold his hosting business and just moved me to a different server.
  3. World Cup champs wallpapers available @ McCanner's

    Glad you enjoyed them. I made a few of some Team Canada players (Lemieux, Heatley, Lecavalier, etc.) but not one of Brodeur or Niedermayer for the simple reason that I did not have any good pics of them. Now I have a great pic of Brodeur (different than the one used in the "Champs" wallpaper) so I plan on making a wallpaper of Marty with a theme that relates to him winning Olympic gold, Stanley Cups, Vezina Trophies, and now the World Cup. He's the best goaltender in the game by far. I also think he'll break Roy's career wins record by the time he hangs 'em up.
  4. Hello from McCanner

    Hey everyone. Just a quick hello from me, Jeff, from www.mccanner.com. I've read some posts on here about my wallpapers and I'm glad that you guys seem to enjoy them. I've posted a Niedermayer Norris Trophy wallpaper and plan on doing a Brodeur Vezina/Jennings sometime soon. Thanks for having me here! - Jeff
  5. Andreychuk Cup wallpaper available

    I would have loved to, except that CBS Sportsline (where I was getting my large pics from) took down the links to their large pictures right before the Devs/Ducks final started. By the time I figured out how to get them manually they were already off the site. Next time. I added a Niedermayer Norris wallpaper this past week. Jeff www.mccanner.com