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  1. GDT: Reid Boucher called up vs MTL 7pm @ ROCK

    Agreed, his turnover with ~30 seconds left led to the goal to tie the game. Why not clear that puck as hard as you could, even if it caused an icing, so what. I have been pretty disappointed in his preformance so far. He def needs to hustle more.
  2. Oh these new owners are just dandy

    You've got a great point there. I don't know if this is directly the doing of the new owners but definitely someone in the Devil's promotional department. Not having participated in something like this in the past I was under the impression that the voucher meant that I would somehow receive 4 tickets to a future game. As 95Crash stated it wasn't until you purchased tickets to the Kings game, and read the voucher that it said UP TO 4 TICKETS and Tickets subject to availability. I would agree 100% that this is partially misleading as well. Now I've come to realize in life that usually nothing is what you expect it to be so I'm satisfied that I was able to get 3 tickets out of it - only after figuring out myself that you had to select will call because of TMs crap error message that said nothing along those lines.
  3. Food drive this Friday

    I was able to get 3 in 106.
  4. Food drive this Friday

    Got all the way to the page to enter my address and when clicking on submit it said "there were problems with your order". All fields were filled in not sure what the problem was, most likely an issue with ticket master. Went back and selected will call for the ticket delivery and it worked!!
  5. Anyone selling tix for today's game?
  6. All Jersey Talk

    So just wanted to follow up with my post from a few weeks ago. Just got in my air knit jersey that I sent to Exclusive Pro for customization. From having a blank jersey for the last few years I am very excited to have Brodeur's name and number on the jersey . Their work is excellent - the stitching is near perfect and looks extremely professional. I'll upload some pics tonight when I get home. I recommend their work to anyone looking to customize their jersey!!
  7. All Jersey Talk

    Well just sent my air knit jersey off to Exclusive Pro to get numbered (Brodeur) and the finals patch stitched on. I'll post some pics when I get it back. Very excited!
  8. All Jersey Talk

    Thanks DevsMan, I'm definitely proud that they made it that far and want to show that. I'm just not sure if its considered bad luck/frowned upon by fans.
  9. All Jersey Talk

    I ended up buying one from the NHL store online. Would it be silly to put it on my jersey for next season?
  10. GDT: SCF GAME 6 - New Jersey @ Los Angeles

    This is perfect lol. Well see what the next twenty minutes have in store...
  11. All Jersey Talk

    Anyone know where I can get the 2012 Cup Final patch?
  12. ECF Tickets

    Agreed, I thought these tickets would be cheaper, guess i misunderstood the "pre-sale" idea. @hystyk28 Btw, still haven't gotten my email either.
  13. ECF Tickets

    Anyone care to share prices? I want to know if its worth it to stay at work late waiting for this email lol.
  14. ECF Tickets

    Dam, haven't gotten my email yet, how much $?