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    If they don't get it done this year, they're done. Period. But, if the Yankees don't get it done, you do realize that they're in the same kind of trouble, right? Holes can't be magically patched up, no matter how much money you have. A team is a team, and you can't replace that with a band of free agents. When did I praise the Red Sox, by the way? I disagree with the way they've built their team and conducted themselves over the years. I can tell you right now that I would have done things very differently, but I can't deny the fact that this year's team looks very strong and that they are playing like a team. They look like the Yankees from the late 1990s. You obviously remember them well, since you rely on the memory of those teams to console yourself when these Yankees fail year after year.

    Oh, so whenever the Yankees lose in the postseason, the other team is simply better? How, exactly, were these teams better? Are you willing to admit that your team has a horrible front office and consistently loses to teams with 25% of the payroll? Hire Glen Sather!
  3. The 2nd Debate: Bush vs Kerry

    "You know, there's a lot of people in the world who don't believe that -- that people whose skin color may not be the same as ours can be free, and self-govern. I reject that. I reject that strongly. I believe that people who practice the Muslim faith can self-govern. I believe that people whose skins aren't necessarily -- are, you know -- a different color than white can self-govern. And, the Prime Minister -- I don't want to put words in his mouth, but -- I think he shares that great sense of optimism and possibility." - George W. Bush, the great Civil Rights activist

    Oh, my, what entertainment. You don't consider sweeping the Angels, the second best team in the AL, the hottest team in September and the team that gets more offense from their three, four and five hitters than the Minnesota Twins get from their entire lineup "dominating" in big games? That's not surprising, considering that Yankees fans seem to actually enjoy fooling themselves into believing in curses, automatic wins brought on by history and domination until they reach the pinnacle of the baseball season: the World Series. What will you use as your excuse if the Red Sox finally do put the rabid New York chihuahua to sleep? Will you be calling for Steinbrenner to open his wallet a bit more, to mortgage away his family's future, to force the Red Sox into an even more ridiculous free agent war? These two teams are already embarrassing the sports world with their free spending, and I'm sure you'd love to see it to expand.
  5. Best in the League

    Where are these "facts" that you speak of, my friend? I am very interested.
  6. Best in the League

    Personally, I watched nearly every Bruins game last season.
  7. Best in the League

    In every single big game I've seen him play, he's suddenly become invisible. Can you explain that? He has NO drive to win a championship. Period.
  8. Best in the League

    I'm a Bruins fan, and, quite frankly, you are wrong about Thornton. He has a ton of talent, and if he had the drive, he COULD be the best player in the league. The problem is that he has absolutely no heart, and his leadership abilities--or lack thereof--leave much to be desired. There are a few very good reasons why he's failed in the playoffs in the past, and none of them are related to his injuries.
  9. Big Fight in Yankee-Sox Game

    Isn't Nomore Farciapopup's playoff average somewhere around .360? Enough said.
  10. Big Fight in Yankee-Sox Game

    So that's your response to my statement to me saying the Yanks have Classic not to throw back by just typing "lol"? That's a sign of not knowing what to say so whenever in doubt, just type "lol". Awesome reponse. Whew. They "have Classic," huh? I won't even try to explain it to you. Don't know how to utilize the English language. What the FVCK are you talking about? So you don't know what to say so you rather point out that I didn't type out "Because" but rather I typed " 'Cause "? Another example for not knowing what to say so you rather make yourself feel better by correcting my grammar. Doesn't make any difference to me since I type how I talk, and if I don't speak too proper for you, I'm sincerely sorry pal. Again, I won't even attempt to explain what was wrong with "you're" grammar in that instance. And again you just COMPLETELY dismiss my main arguement about the Sox catcher for not taking off his mask. Give me your reason why he didn't remove it while arguing with A-Rod, and give me your reason why Posada removed his mask when Manny overreached last year? But instead of doing that you tried to side step my comments, but only Lou Lams is good at doing that, not you. Your main "arguement" has already been responded to. The guy would have to be a total moron to take his mask off in a situation like that. Posada probably removed his mask when Manny "overreached" because he had a facial itch. Or, apparently unlike Varitek, he isn't very smart. How was A-Rod's ejection the reason the Yanks lost? Give me a reasonable explaination. He was sticking up for himself, he was sticking up for his TEAM with his choice words to the pitcher. He's making sure the Red Sox know that his teammates nor himself will not back down from anything they throw at them, nor will they stand to CONSTANTLY be hit back a Red Sox pitcher. If he doesn't say his choice-words, what stops the pitcher from hitting another batter? And another batter? It wasn't just his "choice-words" to the pitcher that got him into trouble. He wasn't even heading toward first base, and then he yelled something at Varitek when he was protecting his pitcher. The fight didn't need to break out, but it did, mainly due to Pay-Rod's enormous ego. You don't really think he did it for his team, do you? And what has A-Rod done in his career? A lot more than you, I and Manny. Manny has played more games than A-Rod (115 to be exact, almost an entire season) and A-Rod only has 5 less HR's than Manny, only a touch under 200 less RBI's, only 59 fewer hits, and has more runs than Manny. So if played the same amount of games, A-Rod would be ahead of Manny in all those categories except MAYBE the RBI's. Oh and not to mention A-Rod is a FAR better defensive player than Manny can/will ever be. Yeah, and what is Alex's career OBP? How about his career average? He's a pure home run hitter, unlike Ramirez, and he will never come close to matching his .358 rookie season. How many batting titles has he won since then? Hell, I've seen Yankees fans question his "superstar" status after they saw him play for 3-4 months. I give him his props for having a 40-40 season and being as good a power hitter and a defensive player as he is, but he isn't as amazing as some people make him out to be. The best player in baseball? Please. Kinda funny how you wanted to compare Manny to A-Rod when just a few months ago you wanted Manny the hell out of BoTown and A-Rod coming in. Why the all-of-a-sudden change of heart? "You"? You act like I represent the entire city of Boston. I didn't want A-Rod coming here. I didn't particularly want Manny to stay, either, but he has a long-term deal, and management kind of has an obligation to honor that.
  11. Big Fight in Yankee-Sox Game

    I should probably correct you before I get too far into my response. because Yanks have the CLASSIC to not throw back LOL You sure don't know what your talking about. I don't know what I'm talking about, huh? You can assume whatever you want to assume, but I know this for a fact: you have no idea how to utilize the English language, and it certainly doesn't help your cause. The Sox catcher should have taken off his mask when he was ARGUING with A-Rod. But instead he didn't. He had plenty of time to take it off then but the puss opted out of that. Oh and who said anything about removing his chest protector and his shin guards and all of that? 'Cause I sure as hell didn't. If you somehow failed to notice, I was bashing your insistence that a catcher remove his mask by adding in that he may as well remove everything else, too. If he had removed it, I'd be questioning his intelligence. A-Rod is the "puss" for even starting a fight to begin with. You fight to win, period. Pay-Rod? That's funny. What's even funnier is all that jealousy pouring out of your mouth. Cute nickname though. What has A-Rod done in his career? How many rings does he have? He's no better than Manny Ramirez, another proven choker, and Manny is the more well-rounded hitter. By the way, how do you know that his ejection--and the subsequent brawl--didn't directly lead to the Yankees' loss? What a great team player he truly is.
  12. Big Fight in Yankee-Sox Game

    Did you really think he was going to take off all his equipment before he punched/pushed Pay-Rod in the face? No one is that dumb. "Hey, Alex, give me a second. I just need to remove my mask, chest protector, and maybe my pants, too. After that, I'll punch you in your twenty-million-dollar face. Hopefully, while I'm doing it, you won't be on top of me trying to end my career." Pay-Rod deserves to be suspended. He caused the brawl. Arroyo has hit more batters per nine innings than any other pitcher in the major leagues, and he certainly didn't intentionally drill him in the arm with a changeup. By the way, do you think Posada, in all his Yankee glory, would have taken his mask off if Manny had been hit by a pitch and greatly overreacted to it? Did he do it in the ALCS?
  13. Jays' Delgado refuses to stand

    It has nothing to do with that its taking 1 FRICKIN MINUTE to show some remembrance to those who died. Its not a 1 minute salute to Bush. Hmm...
  14. Jays' Delgado refuses to stand

    So, those that sent Hank Aaron death threats while he was chasing Babe Ruth's home run record were just stating their "opinion"? Hitler was just an especially opinionated person? Racism is racism, plain and simple.