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    Hockey (devils in nhl and manchester phoenix in the u.k.) Baseball - San Francisco Giants, Football (its not called soccer!!) - Manchester United the greatest team in the world. And Formula One
  1. World Cup Draw

    Its rooney scoring for united against newcastle last season, the goal of the season without any doubt
  2. World Cup Draw

    Yeah its been a long time, but we would have won euro 2004 if rooney wasnt injured, i mean cmon greece won it in the end! And yeah hes a little hot headed but hes only just turned 20 and it shows hes passisonate about the game, if youve seen him play, especially at a match then youll realise, sometimes hes the only player showing real passion to win and its not a coincidence in that every time hes scored for united weve gone on to win the match. Id rather a player that gets booked now and again for trying to win the ball to win the match than a goody two shoes player who never gets booked but shows no passion for the game. It also makes him so exciting to watch, i was there on his debut when he scored a hattrick and it was the best individual display ive seen.
  3. World Cup Draw

    Oh this is deffo englands year, our players are probably at their best right now, except Rooney, hes that young hes bound to get even better in years to come, which is pretty scary considering how good he was last night against wigan. We played really well in the win over Argentina and depending where you go we are either 2nd or 3rd favourites behind Brazil and Argentina. Brazil will be tough to beat but anything is possible especially with rooney in the team.
  4. World Cup Draw

    England all the way! Weve got Paraguay, Trinidad and Torbego and Sweden so a pretty easy group.
  5. langenbrunner

    what's the cap issue? (sorry, extremely new fan here. still trying to find my way) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> When elias comes back from injury (hes suffering from hepatis i think) his salary will count towards the devils total salary and theyll be over the salary cap
  6. Something the NHL Missed...

    Exactly, surely if you gave nothing for a loss in OT, teams would go for the win more, although maybe theyd just try and hold out for the shootout which is just a BAD idea anyway .. Unless you win in regulation you should get nothing.
  7. What happened to NHL Daily Highlights on NHL.com??

    [quote name='L
  8. Lost Season Two Thread

    <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Its about time, she must really smell bad by now Also what was with the big light coming out of the hatch? and how did kate get pulled in there? And if the number really save the world why put them on the outside of the hatch?
  9. What happened to NHL Daily Highlights on NHL.com??

    The devils highlights were online very briefly this morning but they dissapeared very quickly. Tsn.ca has all the highlights from last night .. at least it did this morning
  10. Framing jerseys?

    Hi, ive got a signed scott stevens jersey that needs framing? Anyone know of a place i could get this done? I live in the uk so am trying to find somewhere here but not too hopefull so if its the only option i could get it sent to the us to get done there. Thanks in advance
  11. Coming to New York

    Thanks guys, im gonan add some pics from other trips too when i get chance, i like the new software too, is a lot easier on the eye.
  12. Coming to New York

    Hey all, well im back home after my week in new york and got to do pretty much everything apart from go up the empire state building at night, we got there about half ten and theyd stopped letting in anymore people then. Anyway thanks for all the advice and here are some of the pics i took .. New York Gallery Let me know what you think of the gallery
  13. Coming to New York

    The pillowman sounds interesting, i quite like jeff goldblum too, but the tickets arent cheap, $91.25, $71.25. Is that a lot for a broadway play? Any other recommendations? Id prefer a play to a musical i think
  14. Coming to New York

    OK well in 2 weeks ill be in new york so just trying to work out what to do when im there and when to get as much stuff in as possible. Were planning to try and see: Times Square/Rockefeller Centre/NBC Natural history Museum Central Park Empire State Building Day/Night Shopping/5th Avenue Brooklyn Bridge Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Ground Zero Yankees Game USS Intrepid Museum Guggenheim/Met Museum Any suggestions based on this as what best to see at these places and any other advice etc. Id also like to go to a broadway show or sumthing, anything you guys would recommend? Im not too fussy really The blue man group looks interesting? any thoughts? And any other ideas of what to do at night, im staying at 39th/Lexington nr Grand Central and the Chrysler Building. Also whats the weather like this time of year? Thanks in advance for all the help
  15. Coming to New York

    Yeah i think im deffo gonna go there, cnat really afford to spend 2 days there though and that new space thing looks very impressive, especially at night from what ive seen