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  1. The Good Old Days.....

    Such a shame that Lamoriello could have kept Mogilny at a fair price, instead choosing to let him walk to the Laughs....... This one really does rank up there with the drafting of Neil Brady in the 1st round.........
  2. Danton

    Danton should not have been scratched. The main problem facing the Devils right now is goal scoring and Steve Guolla is not going to remedy that in any shape or form. With that being said, who the hell does Mike Jefferson/Danton think he is? Questioning the decision of Pat Burns? Is he kidding? Is he on crack? There's a reason why 1st year players are called rookies and not 1st year players..... As much as I think the team needs a guy like him, I've had enough. Package him with Zyuzin and/or Albelin and get a scoring forward in here....
  3. Devils-3 Predators-2 Ot

    I guess you're not watching the games.....
  4. Devils-3 Predators-2 Ot

    It's good to see that you are not totally blinded by your fandom and can tell a bad goal when you see one. But what does when I post have anything to do with anything? Or maybe you just couldn't agree with what I had to say without trying to put a negative spin on it? Oh and by the way, it's called shift work.
  5. Devils-3 Predators-2 Ot

    The difference between the players you mention and Brodeur is that you don't see anyone saying John Madden is a top 3 forward in the NHL. Ditto Colin White and Jaime Langenbrunner. And believe me, if anyone tried to tell me that Colin White was a top 3 d-man in the league, worthy of the Norris, I'd shoot them to shreds just like I do with the Brodeurites and Brodeur.... And yes, obviously Brodeur has made some good plays. It's just a shame he has to cancel them out by allowing goals like the 2nd Predator goal....
  6. Devils-3 Predators-2 Ot

    You're correct about that, but that is no way to goaltend. In the end, it usually comes back to haunt you, and unfortunately for us, it comes back to haunt us in playoff OT. Give me a guy who stops all the shots he is supposed to stop, over a guy who pulls saves out of his butt, but will then allow a blue line shot.....
  7. Devils-3 Predators-2 Ot

    Keep livin' in a Marty lovin' world where goals allowed after dropping to your knees on an unscreened shot from the point and backhanders from AHL-calibre goon defensemen are "quality goals".... -Reality
  8. Devils-3 Predators-2 Ot

    PP is 1 for 21 on the year with the only goal coming off a Sergei Brylin breakaway. Obviously Lamoriello has to address the need of another scoring forward on this team. This has to be the luckiest 3-0 start in NHL history. With Elias the only scorer scoring, the other goals coming from Madden(2), Brylin(2), Danton, and White, 3-0-0 can become 3-5-2 real quick...... Now on to my favorite part....... Three games, 3 stoppable goals allowed by Brodeur. I see that at least some of you have already admitted that the 2nd Predator goal was bad. It's good to see some of you are not totally blind. And in true Brodeurian fashion, we get vintage Marty, allowing the tying goal late in the 3rd period. I tell you man, it's like clockwork with this guy. You people wanted facts, you got facts. 3 games, 3 stoppable goals. The opposing team scored goals in the 3rd period in all 3 games. One of which pulled the opposing team(Ottawa) to within a goal late in the third and the other 2 tied the game late in third and sent one game into OT(Nashville). Could my assessment of Brodeur possibly be any more accurate(allows 1 stoppable goal a game, allows goals at worst possible time, etc.)? Schwab should have started this game and he should start tomorrow. Let the whining/back-pedalling begin........ This should be good.......
  9. Brodeur To Start Both Weekend Games.

    Yes, I am a Devil fan. Probably more of a die-hard fan than 99% of the people that post here. The only players I really have a problem with are Brodeur, Niedermayer, and Pandolfo. Everyone else I pretty much like. But what fun is posting about a player you like? Me: Elias is great. He's got 2 GWs already this year. You: Yeah, you're right. Me: Yeah, I know. You: Oh, ok. Me: Cool. See? It doesn't make for stimulating debate.
  10. Give Me A Break

  11. Read in the Record that Brodeur would be starting both weekend games. That is too bad. I really had held out hope that Burns would do the right thing with the goaltending. Prediction: Preds-4 Devils-3 Devils outshoot Preds 32-21. P.S.- Good to see my last thread was merely 'locked' instead of erased outright.
  12. Brodeur Changed His Game

    Oh, hello PK. You must be lost. I don't recall anyone mentioning Scott Stevens in this thread......
  13. Censorship Continues

    Letting this one remain DM?
  14. Censorship Continues

    I've found that "facts" don't go over very well on this board, unless of course they are the facts that everyone wants to hear...........
  15. Censorship Continues

    Now that was funny.....