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  1. Well, now we know who left it open...
  2. I became obsessed with this after watching the movie "21" it took me a while to understand it.... its called the monty hall problem : here is a simulator i did 50 trials of each method. when staying with my original door i had a success rate of 0.4 (20 out of 50) when taking the switch i had a success rate of 0.68 (34 out of 50)
  3. I like how he is enraged but they decide to show it again on replay and discuss it...wonder how many noticed before that?
  4. Kovalchuk was double shifted with arnott and zharkov for most of the that i think of it i can only remember one shift of mair's last night....we can only hope with tedenby...
  5. My Father works at a landfill and recently they received a shipment of jerseys of all pro sports to be buried. He noticed a Devils jersey and grabbed it (which they are allowed to do at certain locations on the landfill) it was customized with the name Grimm and the number 4 also it had a C on it....most likely that was the fans last name but i wanted to make sure...I did a search and could find nothing with that name..but wanted to check with some of the posters who have followed longer than I have and may have some insight. Is this a player that was at some point in the devils system?
  6. PSN: watts31
  7. I want Ilya Kovalchuk please
  8. Just looked at Lowell's game sheet at and no Zharkov tonight. Looks like we see him in tomorrow night.
  9. 11-21-09 Zach Parise
  10. iamtheprodigy yahoo will stream tonights game link on page 2 of the GDT

  11. yahoo will be streaming the game for those without tv access;_ylt=AqLDcNJnx.QOGulj6ldLChssvLYF
  12. I noticed the same seems every time they get 1 point out of a game they reset the loss column to lost 1....
  13. 11-14-09 Zach Parise
  14. 11-13-09 Anze Kopitar (Los Angeles)
  15. 11-12-09 Zach Parise