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  1. Replica Brodeur mask?

    I have a used Ice Hockey Brodeur Heaton Mask (adult) from around the 2000 era like the ones seen on ebay. Very good shape besides some puck marks on it as it was used but not abused. I bought it Brand New and it came with the Brodeur design already on it from Heaton. It had a Senior style cage on it which I bought a Professional cats eye for it which I put on but the only thing is the local Ice shop only had a Black cats eye cage but you could take it off and spray it white. If your interested, I still have the original white cage that could be switched back on. I can send you some pics if your interested. It also has a throat guard on it like brodeur wears but that could be taken off as well if you didn't want it. If your interested please email me at beamandpop@hotmail.com thanks, Dave NJ