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    Sports: baseball, & of course Hockey. <br>Music: punk, 8o's & jazz (i know what an odd mix)<br>Movies: smart comedies, mystery, and oh yeah sappy chick flicks (i am a girl after all)<br>extras--I stay up to watch old re-runs like All In The Family & Laverne & Shirley. I am a aved reader, horrible speller, and I always fill in the crossword puzzles (in pen even!) I hate to cook & clean, but will watch the game any day of the week
  1. cool website

    You think that your old? Mine was somthing from Shakesphere. The Love Theme From Romeo and Juliet, by Henry Mancini (ok...never heard of that one)
  2. JR's could lead to his retirement

    That would be a nightmare! And I thought that Steve Levy and Darren Pang were bad enough. I will have to use my MUTE button more often if JR gets on.
  3. Ranking #7

    chara hossa kovalchuk
  4. Bored...

    I went out to dinner at this sports bar last night, near the arena where HOCKEY should be played next month. It made me sad, when I looked around to these bars and resturants and shops that bulit around the arena district these past few years, and I realized that as much as this lockout sucks for me the hockey fan. It could be devestating for these businesses that thrive and rely on the NHL to bring the crowds to the downtown areas.
  5. Hockey movies

    Strange Brew I know that it is really not a hockey movie, but it is a fun, stupid movie that I love.
  6. Ranking #5 Overall

    it was close between Naslund & Neidermyer, but had to go with Neider
  7. I think I am going to cry...

    Espn nevers covers anything hoceky unless it is bad news
  8. Bye Bye Floppa

    Of course any team would miss what FOPPA brings. There is no doubt in my mind when he is healthy he is one of the best players in the world. However, when it comes down to it Joe Sakic is the guy that is the true heart of that team. I believe he will be like a Stevie Yzerman of Detroit, even when he can't put up those 100 point seasons any longer, he will still be inspiring the team other ways.
  9. Ranking #4

    St Louis Niedermayer Hossa

    what, are they going to cancel Christmas next?
  11. Pet Peeves

    These two things happened to me during the last game I attended: Girls, or guys (females are usually more quilty of this) that go to a game and sit behind you and either: A) talk on their cell phones the whole game about their jobs or somthing totally unrelated to the game or B) talk NONSTOP throughout the whole game about their boyfriends pet or their favorite nailpolish My question is WHY did you buy these seats, spend that kind of money, (our tickets are never under 70 bucks), to a hockey game when you could have had that same freaking conversation at a Tim Horton's? If it does not relates to the game I am watching I don't want to hear you rattle on about it for sixty flipping minutes! Also, I wanna know who comes up with these stupid annoying gimmicks to give out before the games. The latest genious idea was the "spirit sticks" I am sure that you have seen them. They are the plastic, ballon-type sticks that you clap together to make noise during the game. They look harmless enough, I mean how loud can slapping two plastic sticks be during a hockey game? We found out soon enough, when a kid sat beside me during the game and pounded them together, without ceasing for three straight periods. I wanted to pound them over his head before the night was through.
  12. Bettman letter to the fans

    Hey, I agree with you there. I mourned when the Nordiques moved, (at first) and I hated seeing the Jets & Stars go also. I use to live in North Dakota and those teams were the nearest to support (except for the Nords, of course) It is sad that in some hockey crazy cities fans have to travel hundreds of miles to see an NHL game, while some live in a city that maybe fill half the arena.