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  1. YES.
  2. That was a Brodeur-tier goal.
  3. I want to root for the team that stands the best chance at defeating the rangers.
  4. So...as someone who wants the rangers to lose should they advance, whom should i root for? Anaheim or Chicago?
  5. Washington is the San Jose of the eastern conference.
  6. Do you really think Kovalchuk gets paid in Rubles? His contract is in Euros.
  7. I didn't think this deserved its own thread. Decided to check out Cory's wiki page. Found this little gem at the bottom of the paragraph. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cory_Schneider
  8. This was inevitable. This is 100% Devils hockey. The Devils blow leads in the most spectacular fashion the same way an apple falls from a tree. It's just nature. Did anyone really think the Devils would retain a 4-2 lead, even with 2:30 remaining?
  9. So the big question: Did the Devils ruin Larsson, or was he doomed to be mediocre no matter what team drafted him?
  10. I think he looked pretty strong in the Olympics. Radulov also looked strong. I just think there's a lot more coasting in the KHL and Kovy takes advantage of it.
  11. Google Vbrata and see what shows up on the right-hand side.
  12. Objectively speaking, if you were Cory Scheider, would you want to sign here? I wouldn't.
  13. 42 attempts or 42 failures?
  14. If I recall correctly, prior to this evening the devils were 1/35 in shootout attempts, which means now, they're 3/44, correct?