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  1. Clemmenson Signs With Toronto

    I am sure he would have done better in the AHL if he had a real team in front of him.
  2. Fantasy Hockey

    Anyone interested in playing fantasy hockey on yahoo? WE are looking for 5 more teams if you are interested. The league id # is 11997 and the password is underground.
  3. Happy Birthday TK421

    Happy Birthday
  4. KEN DANEYKO TO APPEAR AT RIVER RATS GAME Albany N.Y. - The Albany River Rats announced today that former New Jersey Devils defenseman Ken Daneyko will appear at the club
  5. Kostur Recalled???

    Ari was scrated in the game lastnight in Wilkes Barre but they never gave a reason why he was scrtahed. Saw him affter the game Saturday night and even talked to him for a minute and he seemed fine. So I do not know why he was not dressed.
  6. Idiots guide to the AHL?

    Springfield and Hartford have a good rivalrie. The Rats are starting to get a good one going with Binghamton.
  7. Looks like the Rats provide our hockey

    I would think that the Wolfpack will be mainly shown on MSG. They should use FSNY for the Rats untill the NHL starts back up again.
  8. Ricci to honor Tillman

    I think that this is a wonderfull thing that he is doing.
  9. steve kariya

    Well with lastyear any way it seemed like he was getting frustrated with getting pushed around. It always seemed like guys were trying to after him because he was the smallest guy out there. And by like the middle of the season I notticed he was starting to fight back alot more.
  10. first team dropped by WHA

    Boy that league is starting to fall apart already.
  11. Czech Republic replaces injured Prusek

    The starter should be Vokoun. Oh o.k. I did not know who the starter was for them.
  12. steve kariya

    I know what you mean lol when he first came to Albany I mean I knew he was small but I did not relise he was so tiny lol.
  13. Czech Republic replaces injured Prusek

    Was he going to be there starter?
  14. Canada will see Falcons flying again

    Those Jerseys look like Nashvilles third jerseys. Did I mention how ugly I thought how ugly I thought Nashvilles thirds jersey are.
  15. steve kariya

    He is not even in the organzation any more. He signed in I beleive it was finland