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  1. Thank you guys.
  2. I say Tie Domi.
  3. I lov ethe Devils but if I had to pick a 2nd favorite I would have to say Vancouver.
  4. My favorite is Jeff Friesen.
  5. I second that New York Rangers lol . I would have to say Mike Danton.
  6. Fans and friends of his.
  7. They could play a exabition game on my birthday september 23.
  8. Thank you. I am happy to be on here.
  9. And just in case any of you were wondering this is Max's wife I am new to this board also.
  10. Thank you it look like a great board.
  11. Any one know when the schelude is comming out?
  12. He said he wants to play for a cup contender so I guess he will not be back with the Rangers lol.