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  1. Will Butcher to "visit" with Devils

    Something to read. Didn't see this posted: http://thehockeywriters.com/will-butcher-new-jersey-devils/
  2. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    That's why people should NOT wait till 50.........40 is a minimum now. Go get checked if you or anyone hasn't. It's horrific
  3. The Devils Uniforms

    Thank you
  4. The Devils Uniforms

    I have zero clue who this guy is..............but are you suggesting this ^^^ just as a guess? Or do you have some insight? I'd be at the front of the pitchforks if this was true
  5. Update-Forum version

    At least it still has the Amazon link. I've been personally enriching Jeff Bezos lately
  6. Johnny Mac joins Coyotes as Asst. Coach

    I guess I'm alone, but I enjoyed Johnny Mac on the TV, good or bad. He is one of the very few players I have actually met, and I met him a couple of times, and he could not have been nicer. I appreciate him now as a true Devil, through and through. Though I was bitter when he wore that ugly jersey across the Hudson
  7. New scoreboard at the Rock?

    My God man...............their best song was Sole Survivor!! Overall Asia disappointed. All that "Super Group" hype........
  8. Mike Francesa Answers NJD Draft Questions

    Agreed. I was a fan of hers but abhor her for may years now. But she was a true Devs fan
  9. Mike Francesa Answers NJD Draft Questions

    You mean Russia! Damn, I should have read through..........I was beaten to my witticism
  10. The Devils Uniforms

    If I was to get and customize a jersey, as far as past players go, it'd have to be a McKay. He was my favorite.
  11. NHL Top 100 Paintings

    Here is a link to the paintings of Brodeur and Stevens. I'm not getting why the MB30 helmet instead of the usual one. He only wore it a brief time https://www.nhl.com/news/scott-stevens-martin-brodeur-centennial-portraits/c-290337446?tid=286585838
  12. Mike Francesa Answers NJD Draft Questions

    I like Benigno even though I heard him on air saying the only local pro team he actually hated was the Devils! And Chris Simms criticizing quarterbacks is hilarious. The guy peaked at Ramapo High School
  13. The Devils Uniforms

    My old Green/White home (white) jersey I've had since the late '80's I never got personalized. If I had been inclined to do so back in the day, I was going to put #13 and Leeds on it. But that thought only came when I came up with my NJDevs name........ Blank is fine. I've since gotten a red Brodeur that a buddy of mine gave me. He had 8 tix in the Fire Section (now has 4) and a couple of years ago the Devs gave him one jersey for each ticket. He's got money and is more a casual fan. So he doesn't call me for who to get and gets like 4 Brodeurs, a couple of others and he also got 1 or 2 #8 Zubrus jerseys..........I'm like "WTF" Zubrus? You should have got the young guns at that time, Henrique, etc. So he offered me a Zubrus jersey and I turned it down and he gave me the Brodeur one. It's a nice replica, but I've never worn it
  14. The Devils Uniforms

    From your post to Shero's ears!
  15. The Devils Uniforms

    Agreed lol. Is it that apparent?