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  1. Not sure. It's been a while
  2. I saw this ring on one of the team doctors in the early '90's. He was no longer with them, and I don't think he was the "team" doctor, but very medically involved. He was surprised when I said I was a die hard...........he said most people he knew liked the Rags.......this was in Monmouth
  3. And missed out on Damphousse....but most importantly, missed out on drafting Brian Leetch Brian Lawton
  4. I just need the pin and I'm not going to be there Alas
  5. True that 93-94 was their first "elite" season.......but dammit, they could have won the Cup in the '90-'91 season........took that 3-2 lead back to Jersey against the Pens, fell down a lot early in Game 6, roared back, and had that tying goal by Boschman wiped away. A video review today would have shown he scored it with his stick.............alas........!!
  6. Yes. And go back to the old uniforms immediately and for good
  7. We get it. You want to fire Hynes. Enough posting that every thread
  8. I have no pearls of wisdom with regard to technical aspects of our team. But it was just a matter of what painful way were the Devs gonna lose last night. I felt it was inevitable. Must go on a tear at home
  9. I have never been a prospects guy as far as knowing who the hell is who. That being said, where exactly is Santini now? Is he in Albany or sitting with the big club?
  10. Missing Larsson yet?
  11. I don't think rest will help Thursday in St. Louis. But getting a win there would be a huge leap, that I don't see, to working things out.
  12. Marty at #1 http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2016/12/where_did_devils_martin_brodeur_rank_on_nhls_all-t.html#incart_river_index
  13. I got on a plane in Detroit and it was 4-1. I landed and checked the score to see the final tally and was like, "Holy Sh*t!!!" I read yesterday that was the first time since being in Jersey they had come back from 3 goals down in the 3rd on the road to win. Nice win boys
  14. Yeah, well a $400 purchase was canceled because of some problem. Of course, the item is now available for $800 Bastards. So my total dropped for now
  15. Exactly