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  1. Agreed. And like eldon said.................a little less pressure
  2. Yeah, they were actually talking right after the pick about f he needed more seasoning before making the jump. I was like, "WTF"?
  3. I didn't know till it was mentioned on the TV broadcast........but Ray picked Jordan Staal and left Toews on the board......
  4. Nico's new marketing line: "I Love To Hockey"
  5. Yeah, saw that and thought the same thing.
  6. They both seemed like nice kids. It's gonna take an extra week or two to work up my hate for Nolan.......... Seems like a great pick, but time will tell. I'm happy. Patrick is forever going to play with an extra edge against the Devs
  7. If true, then it sounds to me maybe it was Ray wanted to switch the logo. When I saw the jersey on Nico, I did not like it. I was indifferent before that. Now, I couldn't imagine the reaction if they had actually gone back to Red/Green And nice job on the jersey collection guys
  8. I still have (and wear) the original fight strapped White R/G. I see a lot now at games when I go. I got mine in '89 or '90. Yep, still fits
  9. lol........your opinions are gold...........mine blow. Now that I know where we stand, I'll keep it in mind. Oh, and the switch to Red/Black was a trendy thing to do at the time and remains awful
  10. I agree with your numbers based on what I see here. You're an old timer like me, but I guess most here only know the Red/Black
  11. Are you being facetious? They mentioned that in every single article I've read about him
  12. What is awful is the Red/Black. Back to the old Green/Red was the way to go
  13. Any chance there's a petition to bring back our good colors? Green and Red?
  14. I don't care about the new design. I just would have preferred the green ( I know, beating a dead horse) But putting the green they have "inside"......terrible
  15. lol.............I got it!!