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  1. Hmm........as usual, I have no clue who he is and if he's any good. My first instinct is I would have preferred a 3rd
  2. He broke his finger? I didn't see that anywhere
  3. Bennett? I would protect Noesen, but I couldn't care less about Bennett. But you do have a much better eye for talent than I
  4. Ha, I like Benigno. I like how he came from nowhere and made it to the top sports station in the US. It really is an incredible story
  5. I like those two guys. Years ago when Benigno was on overnight, I happened to be listening to him. He was going on about the teams he liked and basically said that if any local team not his own was vying for a Championship, he roots for them.................EXCEPT the Devils.........lol I didn't like him for years after that, but he wore me down and I think he's alright
  6. I'm a little confused why he's in the box too
  7. Let it be said: I was NOT there............!!
  8. It's funny, I read the Minnesota Star Tribune this morning about the game the other night. In the comments a guy wrote: "The Wild made NJ look like an AHL team in an exhibition. The Wild seemed to get frustrated by all the interference, holds, slashes, and trips" Cracks me up with the team colored glasses we all watch the games with, but that was way over the top
  9. Not sure. It's been a while
  10. I saw this ring on one of the team doctors in the early '90's. He was no longer with them, and I don't think he was the "team" doctor, but very medically involved. He was surprised when I said I was a die hard...........he said most people he knew liked the Rags.......this was in Monmouth
  11. And missed out on Damphousse....but most importantly, missed out on drafting Brian Leetch Brian Lawton
  12. I just need the pin and I'm not going to be there Alas
  13. True that 93-94 was their first "elite" season.......but dammit, they could have won the Cup in the '90-'91 season........took that 3-2 lead back to Jersey against the Pens, fell down a lot early in Game 6, roared back, and had that tying goal by Boschman wiped away. A video review today would have shown he scored it with his stick.............alas........!!
  14. Yes. And go back to the old uniforms immediately and for good
  15. We get it. You want to fire Hynes. Enough posting that every thread