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  1. Old uniforms please
  2. Sad. I never heard of Dave Gove who also played for Albany and recently passed
  3. CR 76 mentions my opinion of losing the ugly black shoulders. But I'd just prefer to go back to the old unis.
  4. Missed Torts. What happened?
  5. Just brutal. And I have zero faith in either Ottawa or Boston
  6. Ooh.the Haitian Sensation
  7. Another frustrating series. I went to games 3 & 4. Game 7 was a debacle. Conacher kept scoring late goals to keep it sorta close. Rags put up 16 goals in the last 2 games at the Garden
  8. That had me look him up on Hockeydb........I didn't find him but it led me to the 2006 Draft. Look at ours and how bad that draft was. Especially trading down to get Corrente and missing out on Patrik Berglund. Then in the 3rd round, picking Zharkov and a couple of picks later goes Brad Marchand.........ugh. Not as bad as picking Neil Brady a fewpicks before Brian Leetch.......
  9. I was thinking that as I typed earlier. We moved up and got Larsson. But things have just been so against them recently I feel that bad mojo.
  10. 35 years rooting for the Devs and this is the first time I've ever wanted them to lose. Then I question myself after reading what all of you that follow prospects write and I feel like a traitor (lol) because there is no Crosby, Matthews, McDavid out there. Plus, somehow, someway, don't we all know deep down the ping pong balls wouldn't fall our way anyway?
  11. Just a tad embarrassing. Hall was in no mood for that nonsense
  12. I like 'em all except Deb. She brought the bad Islander mojo with her. The others? They're ours so I like them
  13. Miss New Jersey 2005
  14. I prefer Failyers
  15. The Queen had a son