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  1. How did Berzolla do? The kid from Freehold Twp. HS
  2. As did I always. But unfortunately it was only a $20 purchase. Did put a few hundred on couple weeks ago
  3. Pray for the city of Dallas, in particular those officers assassinated and wounded. Senseless
  4. This thread died!
  5. That's what I'm assuming. My son tells me he goes to Colorado College, not Denver. So I'm not sure which
  6. Just talked to a friend of mine about him. Says he's a great kid, stud defenseman (don't know if that translates to NHL stud), and has a full ride to Denver. He also didn't play his Senior year at Freehold Township HS. Probably so as to not get injured is my guess. I'll be keeping an eye on him.
  7. Is Santini righty? Never mind. He is
  8. Here I am at my son's soccer game in Monmouth in 2012. I have a Devils hat on. My friend's mother is married to Mark Howe. Gordie sat in my chair. He showed me one of his SC rings. Not sure the year, but just looking at the #9 and HOWE on that ring was literally tingling.
  9. Are you always this condescending? Poor me, I was off a year..........unbelievable. I'll defer to your far superior knowledge of the trivial mistake by being correct......by a year!. And going to black was very trendy back then. I didn't specify hockey. Oh boy, I said "every team practically"..........shoot me and prove how great you are because it wasn't every team. Color me impressed.
  10. First of all, I'm not "Bitching" about anything. And you obviously are much more a fan than I since I was off a year on the color switch. I'm a newbie I guess. My deepest apologies. I guess I am in the minority because no doubt they should go back to their founding colors and lose the black. But what do I know? Oh, and I hated the switch when it happened.
  11. Because the green looks great. Dallas is sporting the best unis right now. Face it, the Devs switched in '94 because every goddamn team practically went to a some sort of black. Our unis now are ugly. But nothing was worse than the Flyers black jerseys
  12. Well, I for one hated losing the Green/Red. So much for universal agreement. If we keep the current ones, and I've beaten this thought to death, LOSE the friggin' ugly ass black shoulders. Have it all white on the shoulder or all red. Just go back to the old uniforms already.
  13. How is this Smith-Pelly guy. I've got zero clue
  14. Looks like it hit the back center post and came out. The angle is dead on with the crossbar. They never showed an overhead. I'm sure now it went in
  15. Did anybody notice that tying goal never went in the net