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  1. Not me. While I hated and I am NOT a big NBA fan, I hate the Knicks with a burning passion. So I stuck with the Nets. At least they kept their name.
  2. Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi
  3. No. Thick and thin
  4. Billy King was hired by Prokorov (sic?) and the owner was immediately in a "win now" mode. Trading what they traded for Garnett and Paul (whatshisname) was just an epic disaster. They've got a GM now who is trying his best. It'll take time
  5. Believe it or not, I personally know that a couple of players on the Craps confided in a friend of mine that they have zero love for Ovi. They'd prefer going forward without him
  6. Amen brother
  7. I was basing this on her photo. Now I agree..........she's about a 7 beer move
  8. They have the Devs picking 5 centers with their first 5 picks
  9. She's 10x hotter than Deb
  10. Ha, that's funny you said that. When they built the Pru, I was PRAYING that they would put an organ there instead of the dreadful piped music. Alas, no luck
  11. Thru 4 games, Ottawa has led for just over 4 minutes. Cooked
  12. I always heard the old unis referenced as the Christmas unis. This all being said..............I think it would be great ( yet I think my camp would lose) if they had a poll of our fans and get our input.
  13. I'm not feeling the love and desire for Shattenkirk. I don't see it. Not for what he'll supposedly command.
  14. Schneider for the #3? Do it. Hell, see if Hextall will take him for the #2!!
  15. Since I too know nothing about prospects............except what I've recently read................I'm going to toss my hat in the Nico ring. Yet, I'd prefer a swap with Philly (with something nice tossed in) and let them decide. Consequences be damned