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  1. GDT: Caps @ Devs 1:00 PM

    Looks like it hit the back center post and came out. The angle is dead on with the crossbar. They never showed an overhead.  I'm sure now it went in
  2. GDT: Caps @ Devs 1:00 PM

    Did anybody notice that tying goal never went in the net
  3. 6 Years ago today... one of the best comebacks happened

    Ha, Pandolfo was offsides right prior to that last goal
  4. 6 Years ago today... one of the best comebacks happened

    Was there with all the Leeds'
  5. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    Any angles showing his eyes?  Because all I saw was from the rear and I thought  he might have been following the puck, heading off, but ready to get back into the play if needed before he got to the boards,  and hit the ref unintentionally. I just don't know  
  6. The Marty Night thread

    Sweet room CR.   I have some large banners I got off of a former poster here, Elias something or other. Don't know if I have the room for them. Have to dig them up
  7. The Marty Night thread

    Post pictures. I have a lot of that stuff too, unfortunately I have a slab so it's all packed onto my office walls
  8. Crystal Palace

    We were Cosmos season tickets holders from '78 to '83 I went to Soccer Bowl '81 in Toronto
  9. Crystal Palace

    I became a Gooner when I was a wee lad when a friend of my father's brought me back a couple of Arsenal pins.  Wish I could find them.......... It would have been great being able to follow it like I do now even ten years ago when they went unbeaten, but the coverage just wasn't  there like it is today. I almost bought a brick when they built Emirates like I did for the Championship Plaza at The Pru  
  10. Crystal Palace

    I'm a Gooner
  11. Crystal Palace

  12. Crystal Palace

    I think this was mentioned somewhere.    If not, Harris & Blitzer have another team.  http://www.espnfc.com/crystal-palace/story/2762715/american-investors-assume-large-crystal-palace-stake
  13. BEER

    That Not Your Father's Root Beer was horrid.   Couldn't finish one.  If I want root beer, I'll get a Stewart's   Shipyard Pumpkin is very nice.  Working on my second case.   Love most of the Pumpkin brews
  14. So this just happened...

    Gang members in Newark would tattoo the Devs logo on their forearms.  I asked one we had locked up on a shooting and he was like, "Man, I love the Devils", lol
  15. So this just happened...

    It covered an old soccer ball.  You can see it if you look close