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  1. Read Zach's Lips on the Carter Goal

    I agree with this. That or One More fvcking Game.
  2. GDT: ECF Game 1 - NJ Devils @ NY Rangers

    Nothing else matters. Lets Go Devils
  3. Offical Devils vs Rangers thread

    How fitting is this series? We already killed the ghosts of Carolina. Now lets kill the ghosts of 1-9-9-4. Lets Go Devils. Nothing else matters.
  4. Flyers Can't- Because its the Cup

    Yes sir, I live here and see it everyday. Not a fan of any other the teams. I think a hand few of the people I know here are cool and know that their teams aren't that amazing. Phuck Philly.
  5. We are officially underdogs

    They just disgust me in general.
  6. The Official "2012 Playoffs Excitement" Thread

    Wearing my Jersey proudly today as I walk around South Street in Philly. Been doing it since I moved to Philly from Cape May last year. People give me hell all the time and I just smile. Sad excuse for fans around here. LETS GO DEVILS!
  7. We are officially underdogs

    ESPN disgusts me. Really? I mean Flyers beat the Pens team who weren't on their game. A team who thought they were in the WWE. Whatever. We got this.
  8. Flyers Can't- Because its the Cup

    New to the forum, and this is the first thing I see? I love this site already. Hilarious! GO DEVILS!