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  1. 3/13 Flyers Tickets

  2. Line Juggling

    Time to bench Zajac, he has 6 point in 21 games all for the bargain price of 46 million dollars
  3. Finals Game 1 (2) Tickets

    2 tickets available game 1 for diablos 122 for what i just paid $93 each must wear red and cheer the whole game absolutely no reselling allowed (picked up 2 of these for njdevs forums (paypal)email me devilsarebetter@gmail.com
  4. 5/20 Line Changes

    I noticed in the florida serious that he was trying to be overly physical (ended up missing a bunch of his checks) and that clearly doesnt work for him he was trying to hit guys really hard and ended up taking a lot of stupid penalties Not sure if that has been the case in the last 2 series
  5. 5/20 Line Changes

    Where has elias been the whole playoffs, he has been just as bad as sykora Ever since his first goal in game 1 against the panthers he has pretty much invisible, certainly notthe way a guy who gets 65 points in the regular season should play
  6. ECF Tickets

    Don't listen to the Devils website, every time they say sold out there are always tickets still available. You gotta keep on checking the different price ranges on Ticketmaster. They often releases more tickets as the event nears I bought tickets in the 200 level 3 hours before both flyers game and right now there are still tickets left.