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  1. Palms heard me
  2. Yeah he's been invisible today
  3. Palmieri on 4th line? hmmm
  4. Merrill is still an idiot to make it so obvious
  5. Even though it was just a collision its nice to see that devils are finally growing some balls
  6. I have package and they are telling me the zip code is flyers territory, even though last year i had gamecenter through Directv and i could watch all devils stuff unless it was nbcs. Blackouts are so dumb
  7. Awesome thank you much!!!
  8. Anyone blacked out in nj? I cant even watch msg feed, any streams out there?
  9. Thanks for the info, I'll sign up asap!!!
  10. Thanks the info guys, I had one more question are you able to dvr? or rewind the game like on a traditional dvr? Sometimes I come home late from work, and its awesome skipping commercials!
  11. Hey does anyone here subscribed to gamecenter, I'm really curious about it, I'm in South Jersey, so blackouts shouldn't apply, can I watch all 82 games plus playoffs on my devices with no issues?
  12. Devils need to sign couple of guys from overseas with speed and who have a scoring touch. Due to NHL free agency being bah this year. Couple of SKA players might be available (Kovy's teamates) I think you are familiar with Victor Tikhonov (ex coyote) but Artemi Panarin is the new Rafalski, a late bloomer. he's been getting better every year, never drafted only 23, and is becoming hell of a player. I hope Devs overseas scouts are gonna give this guy a good look.
  13. Vezina trophy winner, and 2 young rising stars arent special? Okay, going backwards? You sure are a hockey expert. Go check iihf rankings for last 10 years
  14. Come on dude swiss are solid, but are on par with team russia? Lets get real here, losing to latvia isnt helping their world ranking either.