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  1. It'll be nice if Kovy get Shipachev to come here, he's fantastic setup guy
  2. Thanks!
  3. anyone streams? Apparently NHL Gamecenter is not showing any playoff games, everything is blacked out...
  4. So is patrick still the guy? Whats his ceiling? Stamkos?
  5. I dont get it, in europe all top tier soccer leagues allow their best players to represent them in international games, even friendlies, Why is NHL such a ass backwards organization.
  6. Pederson, whatever happened to that guy. I remember he was a terrible skater
  7. Warning, warning!! Tanking in progress!!
  8. Cangi jinxed Cory when we were winning 3-2.
  9. Palms heard me
  10. Yeah he's been invisible today
  11. Palmieri on 4th line? hmmm
  12. Merrill is still an idiot to make it so obvious
  13. Even though it was just a collision its nice to see that devils are finally growing some balls
  14. I have package and they are telling me the zip code is flyers territory, even though last year i had gamecenter through Directv and i could watch all devils stuff unless it was nbcs. Blackouts are so dumb