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  1. 2015 Devils Prospect Scrimmage - 7/18 @ 3PM

    any videos?
  2. Devils Trade Deadline Thread

    Devils need to sign couple of guys from overseas with speed and who have a scoring touch. Due to NHL free agency being bah this year. Couple of SKA players might be available (Kovy's teamates) I think you are familiar with Victor Tikhonov (ex coyote) but Artemi Panarin is the new Rafalski, a late bloomer. he's been getting better every year, never drafted only 23, and is becoming hell of a player. I hope Devs overseas scouts are gonna give this guy a good look.
  3. All purpose Olympics thread

    Vezina trophy winner, and 2 young rising stars arent special? Okay, going backwards? You sure are a hockey expert. Go check iihf rankings for last 10 years
  4. All purpose Olympics thread

    Come on dude swiss are solid, but are on par with team russia? Lets get real here, losing to latvia isnt helping their world ranking either.
  5. All purpose Olympics thread

    Actually ovy was the worst player for Russians. Malkin was indecisive and seemed to be off. Datsyuk was fantastic. But i guess bob, voynov, belov, tarasenko and big nichush nothing special? Where is bar for special players?
  6. All purpose Olympics thread

  7. 2013-14 Albany Devils and ECHL Thread

  8. 2013-14 Albany Devils and ECHL Thread

    How good is this Demkov kid? Didnt Ryder start in echl?
  9. Has Cam lost his fighting ability?
  10. Here is how to get stream on vcplayer quality isnt the best, but its better than nothing
  11. Ruslan Salei’s life celebrated in sand

    Have some damn respect.
  12. Lou inducted in US Hockey Hall of of fame

    Has Lou even aged at all? He looks about the same as 10 years ago.
  13. Interesting comparison

    Gionta scored 48 goals, Parise's best year was 45.
  14. Team Awards

    Nice Pics! looks like team is trying to butter Zachy up to stay! Sad to see A-train not win anything and Johan rules!
  15. 2011-12 Albany Devils thread

    I noticed Gelinas is 2nd in goals on the team. Does he have a cannon or what's his deal?